The Future of Vancouver

Is it any wonder that more people are leaving Vancouver behind over the years when it happens to be one of the hardest places to keep a living? You wouldn’t really expect it, but between low incomes, high house costs, and even things like less voters Vancouver is going to have to do something or… Read more »

Innovative Vancouver

We love sharing many of the best aspects of life in Vancouver here on the Highland Worldwide blog. British Columbia is a beautiful region, and the metropolis that ties the whole region together has been growing in notoriety in recent years. Many readers are likely aware of our city’s status as one of the most… Read more »

Vancouver’s Co-Op Housing, Part One

Let’s face it – Vancouver is a pricey city. Every city experiencing a boom is pricey. Trendiness will always cause a hike in prices; that’s the way of the world. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, you’ll see dollar signs floating in the air like little cherubs. You could be in Yaletown and eating vegan… Read more »

Vancouver’s West End Undergoing Development

If someone were to ask you, “What is one of the most storied neighbourhoods in Vancouver?” chances are you’d answer, “West End.” It’s a fine answer, as West End is considered one of Vancouver’s first upscale neighbourhoods due to the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway. It then grew into an Ellis Island of sorts,… Read more »

Happy Hour Now Legal in Vancouver

For the first time, residents of Vancouver and the entire province of British Columbia will get to enjoy a time-honored tradition honored in pubs, bars and taverns all over North America. The after-work period where establishments dip their prices in order to attract customers, known as “happy hour,” has just become legal in this part… Read more »

Microsoft Canada Investing $90 Million in Downtown Vancouver

Vancouver is a bustling city with great opportunities for a highly skilled professional workforce. Great paying jobs are available in our metropolis, and opportunities for those with some technological savvy are still improving. Soon, our city will be home to a major new presence for one of the biggest names in computing innovation. As this… Read more »

Hunting for Homes in Vancouver

Hunting for an apartment and then signing a lease is both anxiety-inducing and exciting, but signing a deed? That’s a whole different level of commitment and, as such, a whole different level of preparation, stress, and relief after you’ve finally found your new home. If you’re looking to buy a home for the first time,… Read more »