Vancouver TED Talks

Vancouver is a city that many consider to be at the forefront of modern living. Luxury housing, splendid architecture and amazing cultural assets make our metropolis a favored destination for many. Our region has always shown an impressive ability for open-mindedness in development and a determination to succeed intellectually. Recently, an announcement from one of… Read more »

What is the Immigrant Investor Program?

Immigration debates have raged all over North America for the past few decades, and Canada is no exception. It may seem like a topic best kept to political forums, but here at Highland Worldwide, it’s important for us to discuss any national development that may affect our business and customers. A somewhat controversial Canadian program… Read more »

Vancouver’s Luxury Real Estate Market

We love hearing about a healthy real estate market here at Highland Worldwide. Moving families have many items that need to be handled with care on their way to a new residence, especially when those furniture pieces and fragile dishes must be transported across the border. We live to serve those who want to call… Read more »

Vancouver Real Estate in 2014

The New Year – that is, the first couple of weeks of January – is always very exciting. The atmosphere is one of change and although that atmosphere is quickly peppered with stagnation, especially as the year trudges along, we must embrace the refreshing positivity that is all around us. As Vancouver’s premier movers, we… Read more »

2013 Vancouver Real Estate

The holiday season is upon us. We will be hugging the New Year in a blink of an eye. Many people are putting out ‘Top Ten’ lists. Others are compiling lists of things to be thankful for. The brave few of us are deciding on what resolutions they plan on making for 2014. Imagine if… Read more »

The Millennials Taking over Vancouver

Everywhere across the country, and the world for that matter, Generation Y is reshaping life and cities. Vancouver is no different, and that millennial touch is being felt across all industries. While much of the media tends to disparage this generation, any criticism you may hear is far from the truth; the generation is actually… Read more »

New Vancouver Road Spurring Business Development

Over the past few years, Vancouver has been experiencing a makeover of sorts. Once ignored neighborhoods have suddenly emerged as trendy hotspots for young people and entrepreneurs. Not only this, but commercial real estate is in high demand. Wherever there is space, resourceful business owners are utilizing it. There’s one problem: such space is in… Read more »