Turning a Micro Dream into a Micro Reality

When you think of buying a home, chances are you buying a large home. Dream houses tend to be associated with size, with a kind of majestic grandiosity that dominates any block, any neighborhood. A dream house is a statement, one’s own personal castle. Given the shaky economic conditions that plague these times, many Canadians… Read more »

Is Vancouver’s Wall Street the Hippest Neighborhood in the City?

Cities, much like people, go through changes. For instance, like how in high school, you went through so many metamorphoses, including height increase, weight gain, etc. that it can seem a bit shocking to look back on.  If yearbook photos are any indication, most people look different every year of high school. Cities take this… Read more »

Vancouver’s Workplace Neighborhoods

The history of cities or, better yet, modern cities, has been undeniably shaped by its public transport systems. In other words, does the city have good transportation, be it subways, buses or taxis? When considering moving to a particular city, a person’s decision (especially if that person is youngish) is partly determined by the quality… Read more »

B.C. real estate sales surging

Economic conditions, especially the real estate market, can make or break a moving company. Are people buying houses? Are people moving? Are businesses expanding and purchasing more brick and mortar stores? These are just some of the questions that moving companies mull over, especially moving companies in Canada, where small pockets of growth have created… Read more »

Greater Vancouver housing market thrived in August

Did you purchase a property in August? If not, get ready to see moving trucks lining the streets of British Columbia, especially in Greater Vancouver! The fall will certainly be a hectic time for many families as they put their belongings in moving trucks and drive to new homes. Highland Worldwide will be right there… Read more »

The schizophrenic state of Canada housing sales

What is the state of Canada housing sales? For many, owning a house is a dream. It’s a rite of passage. The moment we graduate college, we start thinking about it even more aggressively. What is it about owning a home that’s so appealing? Is it our innate desire to start a family, to have… Read more »

The improving British Columbia economy

My, my, what an unpredictable year it has been for economies worldwide! The constant fluctuation has been dizzying, especially when it comes to the real estate market. Due to new mortgage restrictions, the uncertainty surrounding the future and other factors, British Columbia’s real estate market, in particular, has been up and down. Thankfully, the worst… Read more »