Tips for Selling a Home

If you need a moving company, that might mean that you’re moving to a new home. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to sell your old home. And for anyone who’s gone through that process before, you know that it’s not always an easy thing to do. So, here are some tips to help… Read more »

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3 Ways to Evade Post-Move Depression

It’s easy to finish a big move and feel a little down, especially if it involved moving internationally. Yes, you just accomplished something huge, you unpacked, the kids are off at school or daycare and you’re settled in. But, in some ways you’re not settled in at all. So, you need something to make you… Read more »

Relocation Means You have to Find a New Job

If you want to move any long distance, whether to another city, state, province or country, every person encounters the same problem: the new job. Those of us who move because of a new job opportunity don’t need to worry about finding work; however, we do need to worry about the job itself. Even if… Read more »

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The Top 3 Reasons Professional Movers Are a Better Option Than Your Friends

1) If You Love Them, Don’t Ask Them Let’s face it; moving day is never a walk in the park. Aside from everything that comes with it by default, there are always unforeseen complications. Situations arise, tempers flare, Mom hulks out and, before too long, everyone is screaming. Let’s just say we aren’t always at… Read more »

3 More Tips on Moving to a Foreign Country

On March 26th, we examined three tips for international moves—obviously not too exhaustive. So, here are three more for the time being: Find a Job – This may seem obvious, however, if you plan to move before you have a job lined up, make sure to start looking before you head overseas. Thanks to the… Read more »

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Six Deadly Sins of Moving Day

Hannah Leung from lays out the six steps you cannot skip or forget on moving day as explained by a 30-year veteran of the moving industry, Karen Tooley. Don’t skip the final walk-through after everything is loaded Tooley recommends a final walk-through of your old home before the movers leave because it can be… Read more »

3 Tips for Moving to a Foreign Country

The following article, Sharon De Hinojosa from Tefl-Tips, examines three tips to keep in mind when moving to a foreign country: 1. Bring Enough Money: Make sure you have enough start-up cash when moving long distances.  Some places may provide you with the majority of amenities, while  others will expect you to provide all. 2…. Read more »