Pakcing and Moving Your Appliances

How to Move Your Household Appliances Safely and Efficiently

Moving into a new home doesn’t just mean you need to pack up your clothes into boxes, hire movers and be on your way. Throw your appliances into the mix and the whole process just got a lot more complicated. Here are some moving day best practices to help you tackle your household appliances and… Read more »

Tips for Buying a House and Selling Your Home

What to Know About Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

There’s no doubt about it: buying a home is a stressful process. So is selling a home. And if you’re doing the two simultaneously, like many people are, then you’re in for a lot of work! But don’t worry: the key to successful home buying and selling, whether one at a time or in conjunction,… Read more »

Cluttered Room in a House Unorganized and Stressful

How to Prepare Items for Storage Before Your Move

Moving is easier said than done, especially when you add putting items in storage prior to the move. Luckily, there are a few ways to make that transition to storage easier on you and your items! Read on for all the storage and moving tips you’ll need to get you through this move in one… Read more »

Couple moving into New Apartment in Vancouver

Apartment Moving Guide

Congratulations on your new apartment! All that’s left to do is move in and that starts with packing up the entirety of your current living space and magically getting it to your new place. Piece of cake, right? If this isn’t your first move, then you probably know where to dive in, but if you’re… Read more »

Letting Employees and Clients Know that Your Business is Moving

Business Relocation: How to Successfully Move Your Office

Relocating your office can be a major disruption to your daily grind. Whether you’re moving to a nearby building, across town, or to an entirely new city, here are a few key elements to achieve a successful move to your new workspace. Create a relocation plan Every move should start with an organized timeline, especially… Read more »

Couple packing house for a move

The Essential Supplies You’ll Need When Moving to Your New Home

It’s always an exciting time moving to a new home. You get a new neighborhood to explore, your kids have a new school to attend, and maybe you have a new job that you’re eager to get started. You just have to get through the stressful part about moving, which is physically moving. One factor… Read more »

Family packing fragile items

How to Properly Pack Your Fragile Items When Moving

Packing can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re about to move your entire household across the country! One question you might have as you start planning your packing procedure is how best to deal with delicate and fragile items—you don’t want those expensive heirlooms, family keepsakes and electronics to break in-transit to your new… Read more »