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Best Films to See at the Vancouver Film Festival 2014

May 09, 2017
The Vancouver Film Festival is certainly one of the strongest draws to any movie buff in the world, and with over 300 films showing during the two weeks it can also be a pretty difficult place to navigate.

There are so many films it can truly be hard to pick and choose which ones you want to spend your time on.

So here are just a few to help you out:

The Gala

If there is any choice above all others then you want to make sure you enjoy the Film Festival Gala, which is free to anyone at the festival and provides an opening and closing night. The opening night this year featured Reese Witherspoon in Wild, as she finds herself while hiking. The closing night shows , with Miles Teller as he is pushed to his limits as a Jazz drummer.

Canadian Films

Sometimes supporting the Canadian Films, specifically, can provide some enjoyment and that’s why there is always a film series or two that focuses on just that. You can catch Canadian Images and BC Spotlight for the series’ this year. But if you are looking for specifics then Marinoni is a documentary focused on Giuseppe Marinoni who is a 75-year-old man attempting to break a world record for cycling. There is also The Pristine Coast, which deals with Canada’s collapsing marine ecosystem and fish farms.

International Winners

You can never really go wrong with some international award winners, which makes them perfect if you aren’t interested in the others. These ones tend to always be good because they’ve been showcased in other film festivals and won awards because of it. Maps to the Stars with Julianne Moore and a whole load of cast you will likely recognize happens to be one of the top favorites of the year in more than one festival, making it a perfect choice with a film style similar to Love Actually.

Hopefully those offer some insights into what kind of films you can look forward to with 2014, and enjoy them while you still can, because some of these films you just might not be able to see again in the theatres.