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Classic Pinball Machines and Craft Beer in East Vancouver

August 05, 2015

For many people in the world, there is perhaps no better combo out there than video games and beer, and Vancouver continues on its current trek, it is poised to have even more “coolness” and might one day be viewed as the world’s video games and beer capital. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise; young adults nowadays have been raised on video games. Video games were, in certain cases, pixelated parents for a whole bunch of men and women.

If you’re a young person, chances are your fondest childhood memories involve you and your friends playing video games and drinking pop. If you’re a young person, chances are your fondest high school or college memories involve you and your friends playing video games and drinking beer.

Basically, what we’re saying is that video games are so intertwined with happiness and community that it’s a wise idea for entrepreneurs and cities to cater to this; video games sell themselves. Thankfully, it seems that some innovative Vancouverites are doing just that, according to this article in

Jeff Rodomsky, the manager of Landyacht Longboards, an East Vancouver skating company, opened up East Van Amusements in early July. East Van Amusements is a pop-up arcade, filled with classic pinball machines and other games, including Addams Family, Wizard of Oz, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and more.

Rodomsky said, “The fun thing about arcades is the culture behind them. It attracts a huge variety of people from…younger folk who are just interested in looking at the machines to older people who it’s a throwback for. It brings together a bit more of a culture whereas I feel like sitting at home and playing video games is more introverted.”

The pop-up arcade is bringing together all sorts of different people together. It has been a boon for the neighborhood and surrounding businesses, and the pop-up arcade has been a place where people go after work or on first dates. East Van Amusements has made East Vancouver a little more pixelated. So, we have video games. What about the beer? Don’t worry; East Vancouver has that covered too.

There is so much craft beer flowing in East Vancouver, whether in bars, breweries or tasting rooms, that it can be argued that the city is actually an ocean of oatmeal stouts, smoked wintertime porters, fruit beers, India session ales, and more. Most nights you will see people, young and old alike, putting on scuba gear and exploring the deepest trenches of alcohol; the deeper you go, the better you feel, or at least that’s what you tell yourself before heading out for the night. With so many craft beer options in the city, the decision of where to go can be a difficult one. Luckily, this is a point of pride for Vancouverites. We are on the verge of a craft beer explosion, as reported in The Globe and Mail.

Stephen Quinn writes, “Now streets fronted by warehouses and auto body shops – streets that you may never have even considered driving down let alone walking – draw scores of craft beer tourists, by foot, by bus and by bicycle. Some are local, some are visitors to the city who have heard about the scene. They pour into the tasting lounges lapping up paddles and flights (clusters of small samples) and leaving with chilled bombers, souvenir growlers and T-shirts.”

As Quinn is quick to point out, it’s not all about the drinking; it’s more about the community of brewing, how it brings people together, much like the pop-up arcade. If you can walk away from a night of drinking with a souvenir growler and a t-shirt, it’s obvious that there is a craft beer culture brewing. Between that and the pop-up arcade, East Vancouver makes for a fun night! No wonder then that so many people are moving here!