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Get Ready for the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

March 23, 2015

Spring is right around the corner, which means that Vancouver’s beautiful cherry blossom trees are back in full force. And let’s be honest here—this winter has been brutal; it seems like it’s been never ending, almost like something about an apocalyptic end of the world movie. The cold. The harshness. It’s fair to say that we’ve all had enough of it. We’re ready for some rejuvenation, a bit of time to recharge the batteries and get ourselves on the right path—and there’s no better time to do that than now, when warmer weather is back in full force. Not only is this the season of recharging, it’s also the season of experiencing some Vancouver diversity in the form cherry blossom trees and what they represent.

Spend a few minutes walking around Vancouver and you’ll likely spot one of these cherry blossoms, which only add to the scenic nature of the area. Let’s put it this way—imagine highlighting all your favorite passages from your favorite book. That’s how Vancouver’s cherry blossoms operate—your favorite parts of a beautiful city—because really, who hates cherry blossoms? No one—that’s who.

However, Vancouver residents and visitors can do much more than simply look at these cherry blossoms. There is an entire festival dedicated to them that features food, music, and several exciting events that will bring together various segments of the city’s population. Young and old alike will take part in the festivities—and the event as a whole is a great way to kick off spring, easing you into warmer months. Think of this festival as a smooth escalator ride into summer with lots of fun things to do and pretty trees to look at!

The 2015 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off in April, and there is a lot to see and do throughout the entire month. Things start off on April 2 with the Cherry Jam Downtown Concert. This concert is free and open to the public, and it will feature several musicians. You can’t beat free music, even if it’s a genre you’re not fond of! The next day, there will be a cherry blossom light show, Sakura Illumination, at Sunset Beach. If you’re wondering how cherry blossoms can look even cooler than they already do, you might want to check out this light show. It’s as if the festival is injecting these already-beautiful cherry blossoms with beauty-steroids—making them seem bigger and more delightful.

Later in the month on April 19, there will be a blossom-themed dinner at Tojo’s Restaurant. This is a pink tie affair that will offer food and drinks from some of the most renowned Japanese chefs in the Vancouver area. This is sure to be the best Japanese food you’ll ever taste, so be ready. In addition, there will also be traditional Japanese fair and other great events to attend throughout the month, making April a great time to move to Vancouver. Do you plan on attending the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival this year? Let us know, and remember to stay tuned to our blog for more news and updates about Vancouver!