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Is Vancouver’s Wall Street the Hippest Neighborhood in the City?

May 09, 2017

Cities, much like people, go through changes. For instance, like how in high school, you went through so many metamorphoses, including height increase, weight gain, etc. that it can seem a bit shocking to look back on. If yearbook photos are any indication, most people look different every year of high school. Cities take this up a notch, transforming their bodies on a daily basis. A neighborhood may look different today than it did a couple of weeks ago, which is why forward-thinking men and women are quick to capitalize on a neighborhood that may not be the greatest; they know that it will eventually change, because puberties happen all the time in the city.

Vancouver’s Wall Street – a neighborhood consisting of beautiful old houses and stunning waterfront view – has remained for the most part a well-kept secret to the average citizen. That a neighborhood is a well-kept secret is not much of a surprise; every city has those prideful pockets of secrecy, but what’s different about Wall Street is how pricey it will soon get. For the past couple of years, Sotheby’s has been trying to sell a home for $1.795 million. Although there have been offers, Sotheby’s is holding out for a larger bid. It’s clear that people are certain that Wall Street will explode in exposure.

In the article, “The other side of Main Street may be Vancouver’s next hot spot,” Kerry Gold of The Globe and Mail writes, “There is a movement under way by some businesses to rename and rebrand the neighbourhood, including adjacent Grandview-Woodlands, as “the East Village.”” The area is undergoing puberty or, in technical terms, gentrification, as independent retailers and indie craft distilleries are pouring onto Wall Street and surrounding areas. Businesses and entrepreneurial homeowners such as Odd Society, Powell Street Brewing and Omer Arbel are intent on making their mark on the bourgeoning neighborhood.

Wall Street is transforming before our very eyes. As the premier moving company in the region, Highland Movers Vancouver pays close attention to neighborhoods and moving trends. The more we know about a particular neighborhood, the better we can help.