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Microsoft Canada Investing $90 Million in Downtown Vancouver

May 20, 2014

Vancouver is a bustling city with great opportunities for a highly skilled professional workforce.

Great paying jobs are available in our metropolis, and opportunities for those with some technological savvy are still improving. Soon, our city will be home to a major new presence for one of the biggest names in computing innovation.

As this article published by CBC News discusses, Microsoft Canada will invest $90 million into a project which will renovate the former Sears building in downtown Vancouver into a high-tech manufacturing facility for the software developer. The company would occupy the top two floors of the 143,000-square-foot building, operating above a new Nordstrom’s retail location on the ground floor. About 400 people would be employed in Microsoft’s facility, which should be completed sometime during 2015. An internship program titled Foundry Vancouver would also provide paid internships every year to 50 students from Canadian universities.Local officials from the city believe that Vancouver’s recent history of supporting start-up businesses involved in various areas of technological innovation have created a presence in the world of high-tech manufacturing. That’s why Microsoft is moving operations here now, and other major companies may even be scoping out our city now to see opportunities for their own products and services.We love to tell new arrivals to the Vancouver area all about the healthy economy they’ll experience in our region. Aside from the natural beauty that has made our metropolis a point of renown throughout the world, there are many opportunities for private success and social growth. In order to support an urban region, jobs with good salaries are needed, and many of these are available through high-tech employers just like Microsoft.Now that Microsoft is coming to Vancouver, maybe now’s the time for you to consider a move to our city.

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