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Moving Tips for Weather Woes

April 15, 2018

As temperatures drop, it is easy for us to bundle ourselves in fuzzy blankets and settle into the comfort of our living room.

However, some of us don’t have that option. Life doesn’t stop in the winter months and many people find themselves packing boxes and loading moving trucks in snowstorms because they need to move to a new home in the winter months.

Moving in the fall and winter months can be challenging and it definitely requires taking some precautionary measures to make sure the move goes smoothly. Weather should not prevent you from making and we have some tips on making a move in colder weather.

Be More Careful

Loading a moving truck or a vehicle for a move can be difficult in any weather.

  • In winter months, it is important to make sure that you park the vehicle you are loading in an area with minimal snow or ice when possible.
  • It is also important to park as close to the door as possible so the person loading has fewer feet to walk.

Put down salt or sand around the vehicle to break apart any ice and provide more traction.  Before you start loading, shovel where you plan to walk most often if snow is a factor.

Protect Both Homes

It is not secret that the winter months affect in the inside of our home.

Foot traffic is much more noticeable in the winter months because of wet shoe prints and traces of salt.

When moving, people will be walking in and out of both homes repeatedly.

It is important, for both safety and upkeep, to put down slip-proof mats in both homes.

Slip-proof mats will prevent falls and protect the flooring underneath from getting soiled.

If you can, designate on entrance for foot traffic.

  • This will keep all of the entrances into the home from getting dirty.

If you need to use multiple entrances, consider putting down cardboard throughout the floors to protect further into the home as well.

Protect Yourself

Although you’ll be hot from moving around, wearing warm is necessary when moving in cold weather to protect your well-being.

Layer clothing such as long sleeve shirts and fleece jackets that can be taken off easily if you feel you’re overheating.

  • Avoid wearing a thick winter coat or fleece gloves that might prevent you from moving easily when picking up and transporting items.

It is also a good idea to keep a spare winter items in an easily accessible part of your vehicle in case you get too cold or run into road troubles.

Give Yourself Time

When driving to your new home, you might find roads covered in slush, ice, or snow.

  • Give yourself extra time on the road and consider these conditions.

You also have less daylight during winter months so make sure you allow yourself enough daylight to take items out of the old house and place them into the new house.

Watch the >weather as well to make sure you know the road conditions.

Moving in cold weather is possible, and although it’s not as easy, it’s do-able. These tips will help you understand how to prepare for a winter move and hopefully, make it a seamless transition.

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