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New Vancouver Road Spurring Business Development

November 21, 2013

Over the past few years, Vancouver has been experiencing a makeover of sorts.

Once ignored neighborhoods have suddenly emerged as trendy hotspots for young people and entrepreneurs. Not only this, but commercial real estate is in high demand.

Wherever there is space, resourceful business owners are utilizing it. There’s one problem: such space is in short supply. This however has not affected confidence in the business sector; in fact, confidence is surging.

This surge is occurring thanks in large part to the eventual completion of the South Fraser Perimeter Road. This road will bring much opportunity to the BC business sector.

In the article, “$1-billion highway project will transform Metro Vancouver’s industrial future, report predicts,” Melanie Jackson of the Vancouver Sun writes, “Topping $1 billion in cost, the four-lane road, to be called Highway 17, “will provide improved access to existing industrial nodes such as Tilbury, South Westminster and Port Kells, and has made industrial development more feasible on Tsawwassen First nation (TFN) land.”

The South Fraser Perimeter Road will create better efficiency between the Deltaport, the highway system and various terminals, but perhaps more importantly, the road is expected to change decisions when it comes to distribution and deliveries throughout Vancouver.

Some businesses, such as Frito Lay, have already moved to locations on and near the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

More companies are sure to follow Frito Lay.

By changing the way many businesses transport goods, the South Fraser Perimeter Road is transforming the areas all around it and businesses – large and small – are scooping up available spaces. It seems there is finally space to back up Vancouver’s business confidence. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

At Highland Worldwide, we are more than excited for the South Fraser Perimeter Road. We are ready to help businesses or families move!