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Old Houses in Vancouver

May 09, 2017

Anyone who has ever visited the region of Vancouver, British Columbia, knows that there’s something unique to the residential architecture of this area.

The growth of the city over the past few decades has led to the creation of communities where individual personalities are reflected in a home’s facade and gardens.

Highland Worldwide knows that there’s a property in our community that would certainly appeal to you and your family as a home. As the “Hot Properties” series composed by photographer Jim Breukelman will show our blog readers, there is a pretty proud tradition of unique landscapes and homes that have been built across the history of Vancouver.

Most of these homes, displayed in the series exhibited at the Surrey Art Museum, were built in the city’s period of rapid growth occurring in the years after the Second World War.

Unfortunately, Breukelman said that many of the properties, which he had documented during the 1980s no longer, exist.

Many of these homes were built when construction materials were expensive for property owners, leading to large lots with tiny residences on them. Many of these were replaced to accommodate the larger families of the next generation of homeowners in Vancouver.

Any real estate listings for our community will show you dozens of uniquely styled residences that are ready for you to move into now.

If you want to make a few improvements to your property, our community has a long tradition of building homes that show off some personal flair. If you’re making the move to Vancouver, make sure that your next phone call is to Highland Worldwide Movers Vancouver.

We’ll take all of the worry and stress out of the process of moving to this beautiful corner of British Columbia.