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Putting the Wow Factor Back into Vancouver’s Skyline

September 14, 2015

Some would say that gaudy condos and sloppy swordfish towers are an unfortunate part of all successful, growing cities – eyesores that negatively affect a city’s aesthetic identity. This change might be unavoidable. When the economic boom happens to a city, sounding almost like a thousand million cash registers rapidly opening and closing, it feels as if supernatural cranes suddenly appear in the skies constructing new buildings. It takes a while for our eyes and hearts to adjust to this drastic diorama. For the most part, these condos and towers are indistinguishable from condos and towers in other cities, upsetting people who swell with city pride.

Ideally, each city should be unique, stacked to the stars with buildings that do not look like clones.

We have to take a good hard look at the city we love, which is Vancouver, and ask ourselves, “What are these bland buildings doing for us? Do they make the city seem more beautiful? Or do they negatively affect our hearts?”

Well, it looks like Vancouver is finally doing that, according to his CBC article. The city wants to put the “Wow!” factor in its architecture. All we can say at Highland Worldwide is that it’s about time! CBC reports,

“A slew of innovative new condo towers are being proposed for Vancouver, as the city aims to take its arguably boring architecture to the next level.”

That is some harsh criticism, courtesy of the CBC. Boring? Hmm…we guess there’s no other way of putting it. This beautiful city of ours is oftentimes dressed in boring clothes. Nothing stands out, you know? If the skyline of Vancouver was at a cocktail party where all of the most successful North American cities were gathered, it wouldn’t necessarily stand out and that’s not a good thing. What is Vancouver’s mark on the world of architecture?

If architects like James Cheng, Gregory Henriquez, Ole Scheeren, and Kengo Kuma had their way, Vancouver’s condos and towers would look like they just emerged from a dream, Jenga-style condo towers twisting their way to the heavens. Slim scrapers always illuminated, kind of like scaffolding Christmas trees. Constructs that are distinctly Vancouver and yet not, buildings teetering on that line between imagination and practical use or, as Cheng puts it,

“Can a building give back in a different way to the city, rather than just be another tower?”

It’s a very forward way of thinking and something we can get behind at Highland Worldwide, this idea that buildings, outside of providing shelter for businesses and families, can provide cities other benefits, other forms of charity. When it all comes down to it, we must question the role a city’s skyline has in our lives. Should it lift up our spirits, turn our bodies into skyscrapers so that we can touch the sky? It is a wild idea of looking at cities, but it seems like these architects and Vancouver itself might be onto something.

What do you think of Vancouver’s skyline? How does it make YOU feel? Let us know in the comments below and if you’re planning on moving in Vancouver or relocating to the area, contact Highland Worldwide Movers Vancouver today!