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Reasons to Move to Vancouver

January 24, 2016

A wonderful city to visit, Vancouver is an even better city to relocate to. Whether you are in search of a new job or are just looking for a new environment, the area has much to offer its residents.

Here are our top five reasons to make the move to Vancouver:

Beautiful Homes

The homes in Vancouver are simply gorgeous. The views are often of the mountains or ocean, and even condos in the downtown area can offer spectacular scapes of Stanley Park. With a nice mix of city living and the countryside, you can find an area in Vancouver that suites you whether you want to experience an exciting nightlife or relax in the great outdoors.

Sense of Community & Culture

Vancouver may be a big city, but it is a big city that feels small. The sense of community here is extremely strong and the people are just friendly as can be. Home to all types of people from all over the world, Vancouver provides its residents the opportunity to experience all sorts of cultures. You will be able to try many different types of food here, listen to a wide range of live music and simply make friends with many types of people.

Always Something to Do

One of the biggest advantages of living in Vancouver is the sheer amount of things you can do here. From museums to festivals, there is something for everyone year-round. Not only are there a number of exciting spots to visit, great restaurants and shopping opportunities, and plenty of options for entertainment, the selection of outdoor activities available every season is not something to ignore. With a fantastic climate, the outdoor events just can’t be matched and there are many public transportation options available to help you travel throughout the area.


Here in Vancouver, our public school education system houses over 56,000 students and our higher education opportunities cater to a wide variety of studies. Our post-secondary choices include the University of British Columbia, the Emily Carr University of Art & Design, and Simon Fraser University.

Expanding Port City

As a port city, we are a hub of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. The tourism and accommodation industries are always bustling, because everyone wants a piece of our city. Ever since the Winter Olympics in 2010, our city has been moving up – and we would love to have you moving up with us!

Whether you are coming from far away or already live nearby, Highland Moving Vancouver is here to help get you, your family and your belongings safely and comfortably into your Vancouver home.