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Summer in Vancouver Is the Best Time of the Year

July 09, 2015

At Highland Worldwide, we recommend visiting Vancouver in all seasons, but like most places in the world, summer is where the good times stick to the soul. Vancouver is no different and there are plenty of things to do here in the summer months to really get the most out of this region. One cool thing to do is check out one of Vancouver’s many drive-ins.

According to Vancitybuzz, “Vancouver is set to get another drive-in movies series this summer, thanks to the River District Drive-in, presented by Wesgroup and Fresh Air Cinemas. On four separate nights, Fresh Air Cinema and Wesgroup will air four classic movies, in the lot at River District, evoking one of the most cherished and personal eras of cinema.”

What’s perfect about this setup is that the River District is currently a major player in “Hollywood North,” being used as a film set for movies and TV shows. So it’ll feel like you’re a real part of movie magic and that’s something that other drive-ins can’t create. The River District is definitely a unique experience that should be had by all. Wesgroup’s Beau Jarvis sums it up best: “It’s a magic spot. It’s got this rich cinematic history, but it’s also just this massive blank canvas that we thought would be perfect for a series of fun family events. In five years, it will all be new homes. So we thought we would offer it up to the community before that happens. And offer a unique alternative to the typical indoor Netflix experience.”

That’s the perfect drive-in experience, something that combines the rich film history of Vancouver and a filmgoer’s nostalgic heart – with this mix, you have the makings of a memorable and special evening. Netflix can’t compete with that!

But drive-ins aren’t the only thing to do in Vancouver this summer – outdoor patios! Vancouver prides itself on the variety of restaurants and bars that dot its city streets. There’s just so much to choose, making a night out very adventurous but also difficult, especially when it comes to making choices. Thankfully, this summer the city itself is experiencing an increase in patios, which is good for business as patios bring about a 30 per cent increase in business.

What makes the patio situation in Vancouver even better is that the city is allowing restaurant patios to be open an hour later, until 1 a.m., from April to the end of October. According to the Vancouver Sun, some 298 large patios and 301 small patios are eligible for the extended hour. Basically, if you’re a restaurant and don’t have a patio, you’ll suffer and lose out on a lot of possible business. The bottom line is that people love patios. We love to sit outdoors and feel the warm summer wind on our faces. That’s what life is all about!

If you’re thinking of visiting Vancouver or relocating here, one word of advice: learn to love patios, drive-ins, and being outside. After all, outdoor patios and drive-ins are seemingly everywhere!