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Using Mobile Moving Apps

September 27, 2015

In previous blog posts (and there have been plenty!), we have discussed how Vancouver and the region is a technological hotspot. There are entrepreneurs pouring into the street working day and night to make it in the tech industry. There seems to be dozens of tech startups popping up every day. That is definitely an exciting thing and something that all of us should embrace and encourage. Some have even called Vancouver the tech capital of North America. Certainly some lofty praise, but it?s praise that we can back up with our experience at Highland Worldwide.

As a moving company, we can attest to the fact that technology, be it smartphone apps or innovative city infrastructure, is changing the way we are doing things. It is also changing what we do as a moving company. You might be surprised to find out that there plenty of apps that deal with moving, apps that provide assistance in the buying or selling of a home. There are also some apps that help you organize and structure your move, according to Realty Today.

The three apps poised to change the landscape of moving are Move Advisor, My Move, and State Farm Move Tools. We strongly suggest taking a look at these apps, especially if you?re in the process of moving. If you?re moving to Vancouver and the surrounding area specifically, give us a call. We?ll help you out!