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Vancouver Craft Beer

May 09, 2017

There are many ways to get to know your new city. One of our favorites is by drinking it in.

The craft beer market is booming internationally, but in Vancouver, it’s exploding.

Here are a few of our favorite local craft beer companies that you need to check out in your first few weeks in Vancouver.

Top of the list has to go to Powell Street.

Their Old Jalopy Pale Ale was the 2013 beer of the year – for good reason. The ale has caramel and English malts that have subtle grapefruit, floral, and citrus tones, making it pretty difficult to imitate.

If you’re a Northwest IPA fan, the only way to go is with Driftwood. Earning renown all over North America, Driftwood’s Fat Tug IPA is incredibly hoppy. As beer should be.

Given Vancouver’s cooler climate and propensity for rainy days, we couldn’t leave this list without a porter to get you through the chillier days. Townsite Brewing Inc.’s Powton is rich and complex and exactly what you want after a brisk walk through the mist to a bar. With coffee and malty notes, you can skip the cafe and get your placebo effect caffeine fix.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, try the King Heffy from Howe Sound Brewing Company. This Belgian wheat style beer is sure to beat the heat in a British Columbia summer with a twist – banana and clove subtleties.

It wouldn’t be Vancouver without a little quirk. For something totally different, check out Parallel 49’s ‘Seedspitter’ Watermelon Wit. This crisp, refreshing Belgian witbier is sure to please with it’s odd but satisfying watermelon aftertaste.

When you’re ready to start exploring Vancouver, contact Highland Worldwide.

We’ll get you (and your stuff) where you’re going so that you can enjoy the town!