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Vancouver’s Workplace Neighborhoods

October 02, 2013

The history of cities or, better yet, modern cities, has been undeniably shaped by its public transport systems.

In other words, does the city have good transportation, be it subways, buses or taxis?

When considering moving to a particular city, a person’s decision (especially if that person is youngish) is partly determined by the quality of the public transportation.

Due to lack of personal income or an aversion to automobiles, young people are embracing new forms of travel and choosing to live in Vancouver’s workplace neighborhoods.

In order to attract youngish people, businesses and cities are utilizing transit like never before.

Vancouver is no different, as 90 per cent of its new office developments are within earshot of transit. According Gavin Reynolds of Jones Lang LaSalle real estate, this reflects “a seismic demographic shift in commuting preferences.” The workforce, in other words, is becoming younger.

Real estate firms keep an eye on such demographic shifts, as it commuting preferences often mirror home preferences. If there’s a shift in one, chances are there’s a shift in the other.

Not only do young people want their workplaces to be near transit, they also want to live near their workplace. Such bourgeoning workplace neighborhoods are becoming thriving spots for movie theaters, restaurants, bars, shops and so forth.

These workplace neighborhoods are popping up all over Vancouver. One such place is Bentall Kennedy’s 17-acre Broadway Tech Centre, at East Broadway and Renfrew.

Of the Tech Centre, Melanie Jackson of the Vancouver Sun writes:

Sitting beside the Central Valley Greenway bike route to new Westminster, the Renfrew Sky Train Station and the 99 B-Line transit stop. Broadway Tech will be an urban business campus with eight buildings offering 936,000 square feet of office space, 150,000 square feet for production/distribution, 10,000 square feet for retail, and a 5,000-square-foot daycare facility.

That is a lot of square feet, all being utilized to create a city within a city, something attractive for the eager young professional looking to climb up that ladder, professionally and socially.

An urban business camp is a fitting name for such a venture. It maintains that college vibe, yet professionalizes it.

These urban business camps may soon sweep the entire province.

These camps will undoubtedly affect home buying habits as well as the way real estate agents do business.

At Highland Worldwide, we immerse ourselves in seismic demographic shifts.

When people need to move, we’re there to help, no matter the neighborhood and no matter the city.