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What Is the Vancouver International Wine Festival?

February 24, 2015

Of late, you may have been hearing talk that Vancouver is a wine lover’s paradise. Sure, you may have thought, Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city – there are a lot of bars, lots of wineries, many people who enjoy the well-groomed taste of a nice glass of red or white wine, but a paradise? Not so sure about that, but there’s a good reason for all that wine Eden talk: this whole month of February has been wine festival month here in Vancouver, thanks in large part to the Vancouver International Wine Festival, which is taking place from Feb. 20 to Mar. 1.

What exactly is the Vancouver International Wine Festival?

According to their official website, “The Vancouver International Wine Festival, Canada’s premier food & wine event, has three mandates: to provide an informative, educational and entertaining wine experience for public and trade; to be a premier marketing opportunity for the wine industry and festival partners; and to raise funds for the Bard on the Beach Theatre Society.”

All three of those goals are respectable. The world of wine is so vast, so populated, that it’s easy feeling adrift at sea when trying to learn more, because it’s nice to have such knowledge or, better yet, it’s nice to appear to be knowledgeable regarding the fruit of the vine. Having a festival such as this is a good way to learn more. Given how many businesses and entrepreneurs are in Vancouver, the marketing is a great opportunity to showcase the diversity of the Vancouver economy. Lastly, raising funds for any cultural institution, be it a theatre or an art gallery, is noble. Without a strong and healthy cultural scene, any city would quite simply crumble. At the end of the day, the Vancouver International Wine Festival is the perfect symbol for the city itself, an innovator when it comes to growth, entertainment, and education.

For more information about the Festival, click here.

Sure, learning about what the Festival is all about is fun, but if you’re like us, you must be anxious to see just how much wine will be represented. 14 countries will be participating this year, with Australia being the theme country. With wine coming from 4 different regions in Australia (New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Western Australia), there’s a little something for everyone (not to mention all the other countries participating!). Some of the wineries that will be featured include Shot in the Dark Wines, Wolf Blass, Tar & Roses, Devil’s Lair, and more! Such wines you may be privy to include the 2012 Shiraz Petite Sirah, courtesy of Shot in the Dark Wines, which has been described as an “Intense red with purple hues. On the nose, fresh and voluptuous flavours of black cherry, blackberry, chocolate and spice. On the palate, deep spice engage with notes of ripe berries with hints of smoke and espresso, culminating in a soft velvety finish.”

We’re sold! Just like Vancouver, this Festival brings together the best and most fun people around and puts them all “under one roof.” It also happens to be quite tasty on the tongue. It’s good to be excited about the city you’re living in. It’s good to take pride in the city you call home. Our excitement is always through the roof when it comes to Vancouver, but a festival like this always adds a little more oomph to our enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and excitement, excitement and enthusiasm – two things that are essential if one wants to lead a fulfilling life. You know what else should be an exciting time? Moving!

Things to Do before Moving to a New Town

Moving to a new town or even a different country can and should be an exciting time, but in your eagerness to start the next chapter of your life don’t forget a few of the things you need to do before leaving your old home. At Highland Worldwide, we can take care of the packing and moving for you, but unfortunately relocating is a bit more complicated than that. Take a look at the following tips to make sure you have everything in order before moving out.

If you currently use a regional bank that won’t be available in your new town, make sure you close out your account. Before doing this, you will most likely want to open an account at a bank that’s near your new house. This will allow you to easily transfer money between the accounts. Managing your finances is always important, especially during a potentially hectic time like during a move, so make sure you don’t overlook this step.

While we can take care of the moving, you may want to tag some furniture and mark some boxes so you know where everything is and where it goes. By placing tags on furniture that specify different rooms, moving it in and getting it set up in your new home will be a simple process. With labels on your boxes you won’t have to spend hours searching for one item out of thousands.

Finally, go through your old home and make sure everything has been removed. Don’t forget to strip the beds and unplug any appliances that you aren’t taking with you!

These are just a few tips to help you prepare for your big move. If you need any help, make sure you let us know at Highland Worldwide Movers Vancouver!