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Plan A Move to Vancouver with Highland Moving Company

You should think of a few steps about when you uproot and move to Vancouver, British Columbia. In order to get you started, we put together a few tips on where to start and help ease the transition process.   The first order of business before most people move is to find a job. Whether… Read more »

Are You Looking to Move to Western Canada

Sometimes thinking about a move is troublesome. Where should you take your family? Will there be jobs for me? Is it a place I can see myself living for many years? These and many more questions pop into the average person’s head. If you are thinking about a move, Western Canada is certainly a place… Read more »

Making Your Big Move Stress-Free for Pets

Moving can be a busy and stressful experience for the entire family, but did you ever stop to think about how stressful it may be for your pets? Getting used to a new place to call home can be a big adjustment for the animals in your life, but there are a few small things… Read more »

Five Spots You Should Clean When Moving into Your New Home

Moving into a new home can be a stressful experience, and oftentimes when families arrive in their new home, they feel the overwhelming need to clean the space floor to ceiling. There are spots you should clean when moving into a new home. Although you will probably be tired after a long day of moving,… Read more »

How to Choose a Professional Moving Company

Moving into a new home or office is a big undertaking, and finding a moving company that meets your specific needs can be a difficult process. Before you start packing boxes and bins with your clothing, kitchen utensils and home décor items, there are a few tips to take into consideration to help you find… Read more »

Solutions to Avoid Leaving Things Behind When You Move

Whether you are packing up your entire home or are moving out of the apartment you share with your college buddy, it is all too common to leave items behind. And more likely than not, the thing you forget will be one you thought you would remember to grab right before you walked out the door…. Read more »

Moving Your Business – Decisions, Decisions…

There are a few key reasons that cause most businesses to move, including space, foot traffic and rental agreements. Whether you are interested in taking your business to a more popular area of town or are tired of the steep price your current landlord charges, deciding to move your business is a huge decision to… Read more »