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How to Market Your Home to The Millennial Buyer

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The key to selling your home for the best value is to know the audience you’re trying to reach. These days, a large majority of the home-buying population is made up of—you guessed it—millennials! Hopeful homeowners from this generation (born between 1981 and 1996) have been saturating the real estate market exponentially in recent years… Read more »

6 Tips to Help You Perfect Your Real Estate Listing

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In the age of digital media and social networking, your real estate listing is perhaps your most valuable tool for selling your home. After all, other than happening to drive by and spotting the “For Sale” sign on the front lawn, how is anyone going to know your house is even up for grabs?! Although… Read more »

Home Improvement Projects That Actually Make a Difference When Selling Your Home

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So, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your home. You’re ready to upgrade, downsize, relocate, or simply experience something new. Finding the perfect new house is exciting, but before you get swept up in real estate listings, you need to focus on getting someone to take your current property off your hands! You may be… Read more »

Fall into Success: 5 Tips for Selling Your Home in an Autumn Market

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Many people will assure you that spring is the best time to list your home for sale, but the fall housing market is one of the best kept secrets in real estate! Spring and summer are the most popular times for a home sale, but there are some distinct advantages to listing your property in… Read more »

Staging Your Home on a Budget

Staging Your Home on a Budget

If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ve probably read somewhere or been told that home staging is the key to success. It’s a strategic way to highlight your home’s best features while making it feel warm and welcoming to potential buyers. An effectively staged house will allow buyers to build an emotional connection with… Read more »

8 Ways to Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal Before Selling Your Home

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There’s no doubt about it—curb appeal is important when it comes to selling your home. Buyers will often feel a gut reaction as they drive up to a home, ultimately swaying them one way or the other when it comes to buying. That’s why sprucing up your curb appeal is a surefire way to ensure… Read more »

6 Essential Home Repairs to Make Before Selling

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Are you gearing up to sell your house? Then you must know that a laundry list of things to do awaits you. However, there’s no need to panic because we’re here to help! Let’s start with some common repair projects around the house. These repairs are vital to your success on the market because if… Read more »