How to Pack and Move Out While Also Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a huge task—and when you have to pack all your belongings and move out at the same time, your to-do list can seem never-ending!

Moving with KidsOn top of that, you want to make sure that while you’re packing, you’re still able to showcase your home to potential buyers.

So, how are you supposed to successfully get yourself packed up and moved out, without leaving your home in complete disarray? The answer’s easy: follow these simple steps and you’ll be completely packed with the “Sold” sign out proudly on your lawn before you even think about stressing out!

Step 1: De-cluttering will help you pack & stage your home for sale

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: the absolute best way to show your home to potential buyers is when it’s free of mess and clutter.

You may think that’s hard to do while you’re in the process of moving, but the key is to purge yourself of unnecessary belongings and only keep and pack up what you truthfully use.

  • Take stock of all your possessions
  • Determine what you’re going to keep, trash or donate
  • Take it one room at a time to make it manageable
  • Give yourself a couple of weeks to tackle the whole project

Here’s a hint: buyers WILL look inside your closets and cabinets, so leave no stone unturned!

Don’t pretend that “tidying up” means shoving everything in an empty closet. We guarantee that your home will look bigger, cleaner, and nicer to potential buyers when there’s extra space in your closets and cupboards.

Step 2: Start by packing seasonal items

Next, you’ll need to dive into packing—smartly.

Start things off by packing items you don’t use on a daily basis. This can include seasonal clothing, sporting goods, or even things you have in the basement in storage.

By tackling the items that you don’t use regularly, you’ll be able to start the packing process earlier, allowing you to focus on keeping your home neat and clean while you’re showing it to potential buyers.

Step 3: Handling boxes during an open house

Buyers Looking at a Home for SaleIf you have to keep your moving boxes in your home during open houses, be sure to stack them neatly in the rooms in which they originally belonged.

However, try to not block any architectural details. Even things like outlets shouldn’t be covered—make sure your buyer is able to see the functionality of each and every room, even if there are some boxes stacked up.

Step 4: Opt for storage

What you don’t need to keep in your house you can move to a storage facility until you move into your new place. Most storage companies will keep your items in a climate-controlled storage unit for as long as you need for a reasonable price.

Find one that you can access easily, that way once you’ve packed up another box of stuff you won’t need for a couple of months, you can get it out of the house and over to the storage unit.

Step 5: Pack personal items

Focus on your personal items next, like knick-knacks from vacations, family photos, paintings that you’ve accumulated over the years, and the like. Pack these gingerly to prevent damage and drop them off at the storage unit when you have a chance, or at your new house if it’s close by!

Home Staging for SaleMost buyers want to see homes as a blank slate where they can imagine their own home—although ridding your house of its sentimental value to you can be a difficult process, it’s an important part of “staging” your home to find a ready and willing buyer.

Leave items like throw pillows, candles, area rugs, lamps and mirrors in your home until it sells—those types of things can actually entice buyers to make an offer, since they are non-personal but decorative items that showcase that your house can be a home.

Step 6: Stay the course!

It can be hard to pack your entire home neatly, without ever letting things get a little out of hand, but it’s important that you keep the mess under control just in case your real estate agent gives you a call on a random day to show your home to potential buyers.

If you stick to a plan, stay organized, and pack smartly, there’s no reason you won’t be able to pack up to move, and sell your home all at the same time.

When moving day is finally here, call on the team at Highland Van & Storage. We are dedicated to packing up your home and moving your belongings safely and securely to your new space. Give us a call at 604-581-2300 today to learn more about our reliable moving services!