Long Distance Job Searching Tips

Anyone who’s been through it a time or two knows that the job hunt can be a trying experience; not only do you have to constantly put yourself out there and run the risk of rejection, but the time spent drafting resumes, prepping for interviews, and searching for open positions in your field can really add up. If you’ll be relocating for this next job move, then you add a whole new layer of complication to the mix: long-distance job searching.

Luckily, the wise job seekers who have gone before us have some good tips for long-distance job searchers. Read on to learn some tricks of the long-distance job seeking trade.

Determine Your Job ParametersLong Distance Job Searching Tips

When you’re applying to jobs in a different city, it’s important to be selective about which companies you decide to apply for. When you live in the area, you may be able to squeeze in an interview for a job that you didn’t really love on paper, just to meet the team or check out the office space, and maybe get a little interview practice. In short, when you’re in town, it’s easier to attend job interviews at places where you might want to work, but you’re not sure.

Applying out of town is a little different: you won’t be able to pop by and meet the boss for a coffee to discuss your experience or the job details. Instead, the human resources department will have to arrange for you to travel to the interview—so it’s important to only apply for jobs that you really see yourself liking once you move.

Wasting your own time, and a prospective company’s money on a just-because interview when there might be travel involved isn’t going to give the company a good impression of you.

So, think seriously about what industry you want to work in, and what kind of job you want to have. The Muse suggests identifying a list of key companies that you’d like to work for, and search their websites for job postings.

Change Industries

Moving is a great time to reevaluate your career path, and make any changes you’ve been thinking about making. A new city means different opportunities than what you have in your current city. So, think about making the switch into tech or advertising you’d been thinking about. If you decide to move forward, seek the advice of any friends you have in the industry now, use your connections, and write a great cover letter. The Muse says that networking is very important when you’re looking for a job in a new city!

Make It Clear You’re Moving

Most job applications will ask for your home address, and notice that your previous jobs were all in a different city. Make sure that it’s clear to the prospective company that you’re planning to relocate, and that it won’t be a problem for you to do the job in a city that you don’t currently live in.

It might be a good idea to mention this in your cover letter, and definitely bring it up at the interview. Idealist Careers says that including a planned arrival date and start date in your cover letter can ease potential employers’ worry about you living out of town. Make a note like “Relocating to Vancouver in October” on your resume and in your cover letter.

In the interview portion, let them know why you’re moving and that it’s not just a whim. Whether you’re relocating to be closer to family and friends, tired of the too-cold weather in the north, or hoping to be closer to a port city, let the interviewer know your reason for relocating.

Be Flexible

Interviewing for jobs in a different city will mean lots of travel, video-conferencing interviews, and phone calls. Remember to be flexible: make your schedule work with the interviewers, and don’t bemoan a trip to the airport—chances are, if they’re asking you to fly in for an interview, they’re definitely interested in hiring you.

Work with Recruiters

Career Center Toolbox says that recruiters are your friends when it comes to long-distance job searching. Send your resume to a local recruiter and ask him or her to help you in your job search. Recruiters are great resources because they’re familiar with the industry and the city, and they have relationships with the big companies in the area. The best part is they likely won’t charge you a fee: instead, they make money by receiving a bonus based on your salary at the end of the job negotiations. Which means, it’s in their best interest to place you at a company you like with a good salary.

For a few more helpful tips, take a look at this infographic we found:


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