Relocating for Work? Follow These Tips

Taking a new job elsewhere can be a scary but exciting transition. Take care of the logistics now, so you can focus 100% on your new job when the time comes.

Are you relocating for work? First off, congrats on the new job and opportunity! We are sure you had a big decision to make and many considerations to keep in mind.

If you want to have a successful transition to your new city, state or even country, here’s what you should do:

See what’s available for you
Many companies offer relocation services and they can usually be found in the human resources guide the company provides you with. Take the time to see what’s available for you and use it to your advantage.

Some companies might help pay for house hunting trips, selling or buying a home, or transportation of your cars. If you’re really lucky, your company might even be able to help your spouse find a new job or leads in your new city.

Ask for relocation assistance
If your new employer doesn’t offer relocation assistance, ask for it and don’t be afraid to negotiate. Not sure where to begin? Start by researching how much it will cost you to move, so you can show your employer how much your move will actually cost. Contact professional movers, transportation expenses, housing and storage costs. Having as much supporting information as you can gather will help you with your request.

Get to know your new environment before making the move
If you have the opportunity to take off some time and explore your new area before moving, you’ll have a much better idea of what your future will look like. Take a look at different neighborhoods and make sure you find one that fits you and your lifestyle.

Don’t have time to visit your new environment? No worries. Try to take the time and talk to people who live there now or used to live there. Get as much perspective as you can so you know what to expect. Also, try to read the local news or local blogs to learn the vibe or what’s going on in your new town.

Research the cost of living in your new cityTaking a new job elsewhere can be a scary but exciting transition.
Are you moving to Vancouver? Knowing the cost of living in your new area is extremely important for you and your family.

Look at Expatistan to find out what salary you will need, the cost of food, housing, clothing, transportation, entertainment etc. in Vancouver. You’re probably taking this new job opportunity in hopes of making more money, but you’ll need to determine how far your salary will go in your new town or else it can get tricky.

Stay away from long-term commitments
Would if you don’t end up liking the neighborhood you thought you would adore? When settling into a new city, try renting a house or apartment first so you don’t make a big commitment right away. A lot of people buy a home or commit to a long-term lease immediately and they are then stuck if they don’t end up liking the job or area.

  • Ask your company if they offer apartments or condos for a certain amount of time to allow relocating employees the chance to become familiarized with the new surroundings.

Build a friend network
Network by word of mouth, the same way you would network for a new job. Use your friends to make new friends or use online applications such as MeetUp to help find others in your area who share similar interests and hobbies.

Also ask if your new company offers clubs or interest groups to meet new people. The quicker you can build a friend group, the more at home you will begin to feel and the happier you will be with your decision to move.

Taking a new job elsewhere can be a scary but exciting transition. Take care of the logistics now, so you can focus 100% on your new job when the time comes.

Are you and your family looking to move to the Vancouver, Victoria or Fraser Valley area anytime soon? If so, contact Highland Worldwide Group so we can help you make your move easier.