Selling Your Home? Implement These Fall Design Trends

While conventional wisdom holds that spring and summer are the “best” markets to buy or sell a house, you can also make a speedy sale and get your asking price in the fall. In fact, with the kids back in school and the holidays still a way off, it’s an excellent time to sell.  However, in any season, it’s important to make your home stand out with the latest seasonal design trends. A well-presented home that responds to buyers’ needs will stand out on the market more, attracting as many potential buyers as possible.

Fall Color

On-trend seasonal colors are a great way to make your home seem up to date. Trend forecaster Stacy Garcia recently told HGTV that jewel tones are big this season. Think pops of rich, saturated colors like fuchsia, peacock blue, indigo and emerald green. Not sure how to incorporate these colors? Try throw pillows, rugs, plush upholstered furniture – even an accent wall if you’re feeling bold.

Gone Country

Garcia also says that rustic materials like reclaimed wood are a major trend for fall. They give your home a warm and cozy look, and speak to the modern interest in recycling and reusing old materials. Don’t shy away from imperfections, either – they’re part of the charm. To get the look, try a bench made of a split log or a table with a driftwood base.

Natural Beauty

Related to the rustic trend is a recent fascination with natural materials and nature-inspired accents. Think wood-grain textiles, botanical prints and furniture that shows off natural wood grain. For example, a stylishly decorated room by designer Erin Valencich recently featured botanical-print bedding, ocean-inspired décor and butterfly wall art.

Mix and Match

Designer Annie Selke says she’s absolutely sick of “matchy-matchy” furniture sets. Gone, too, are the days of furnishing an entire room in, say, mid-century modern style or French antique décor. This fall, anything goes, including bold blends of color, patterns and furniture styles!

Think Small, Not Big

According to interior designer Sandra Espinet, the “bigger is better” trend is long gone. This fall, think about decorating your home with pieces on a human scale. Rather than having overstuffed sofas and loungers arranged around the edge of a room, facing a giant TV, think about creating cozy conversation nooks, where potential buyers can see themselves reading, relaxing or chatting with friends and family.

Material Girls (and Boys)

Using the right materials for fixtures and home accents can go a long way to making your home appear on-trend. Country Living says that certain materials that were once popular, like marble and copper, are no longer quite so “in.” (The exceptions: real copper fixtures and copper farmhouse sinks.) What to use instead? Try classic aged brass.

Celebrate the Season

Play up the seasonal features of your home. If you’ve got a working fireplace, stack some firewood next to it, or even have a roaring fire going when potential buyers come over. Warmly scented candles also provide a nice touch, as do freshly baked cookies that you can offer as you greet buyers. But don’t go overboard with plastic pumpkins or turkey decor – Halloween or Thanksgiving kitsch is never in style.

The Great Outdoors

One trend that we don’t see ending any time soon is the tendency to want to spend more time outdoors, even as the season cools. Sarah Fisbhurne, Home Depot’s Director of Trend and Design, suggested to Country Living readers that they invest in a comfy patio set with accents in fall colors, and add an outdoor heater. Potential buyers will envision themselves cozying up on the porch with a mug of hot cocoa, watching their kids play in the leaves …. Ahhh, bliss!

Curb Appeal

Keeping your yard raked and free of dead leaves in fall is extremely important. Piles of brown leaves create an unkempt look, which is never in style. What is in style? Fall flowers, like mums, front doors and trim painted to complement fall leaves.

Let There Be Light!

Since fall days are shorter and darker, making your home as bright as possible will make potential buyers feel relaxed, light and at ease. Even if your home isn’t actually dark during the fall season, The Balance suggests maximizing light as much as you can. Try opening blinds and shutters, adding a few extra lamps and sconces, swapping dark curtains for lighter ones and placing spotlights on the floor behind furniture.

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