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Selling Your Home? Implement These Fall Design Trends

While conventional wisdom holds that spring and summer are the “best” markets to buy or sell a house, you can also make a speedy sale and get your asking price in the fall. In fact, with the kids back in school and the holidays still a way off, it’s an excellent time to sell.  However,… Read more »

Hunting for Homes in Vancouver

Hunting for an apartment and then signing a lease is both anxiety-inducing and exciting, but signing a deed? That’s a whole different level of commitment and, as such, a whole different level of preparation, stress, and relief after you’ve finally found your new home. If you’re looking to buy a home for the first time,… Read more »

What is the Immigrant Investor Program?

Immigration debates have raged all over North America for the past few decades, and Canada is no exception. It may seem like a topic best kept to political forums, but here at Highland Worldwide, it’s important for us to discuss any national development that may affect our business and customers. A somewhat controversial Canadian program… Read more »

Vancouver’s Luxury Real Estate Market

We love hearing about a healthy real estate market here at Highland Worldwide. Moving families have many items that need to be handled with care on their way to a new residence, especially when those furniture pieces and fragile dishes must be transported across the border. We live to serve those who want to call… Read more »

2013 Vancouver Real Estate

The holiday season is upon us. We will be hugging the New Year in a blink of an eye. Many people are putting out ‘Top Ten’ lists. Others are compiling lists of things to be thankful for. The brave few of us are deciding on what resolutions they plan on making for 2014. Imagine if… Read more »

Is Vancouver’s Wall Street the Hippest Neighborhood in the City?

Cities, much like people, go through changes. For instance, like how in high school, you went through so many metamorphoses, including height increase, weight gain, etc. that it can seem a bit shocking to look back on.  If yearbook photos are any indication, most people look different every year of high school. Cities take this… Read more »

B.C. real estate sales surging

Economic conditions, especially the real estate market, can make or break a moving company. Are people buying houses? Are people moving? Are businesses expanding and purchasing more brick and mortar stores? These are just some of the questions that moving companies mull over, especially moving companies in Canada, where small pockets of growth have created… Read more »