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How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children

How to Make Moving Easier on Your Children

Moving is not a simple task. Unlike some of your other simple home-improvement projects, the list of things that need to be accomplished before and during your move adds up. But, it’s important to remember that the process of moving is overwhelming to everyone, including your kids. For some kids, moving to a new home… Read more »

Long Distance Job Searching Tips

Long Distance Job Searching Tips

Anyone who’s been through it a time or two knows that the job hunt can be a trying experience; not only do you have to constantly put yourself out there and run the risk of rejection, but the time spent drafting resumes, prepping for interviews, and searching for open positions in your field can really… Read more »

Selling Your Home? Implement These Fall Design Trends

While conventional wisdom holds that spring and summer are the “best” markets to buy or sell a house, you can also make a speedy sale and get your asking price in the fall. In fact, with the kids back in school and the holidays still a way off, it’s an excellent time to sell.  However,… Read more »

Moving for College? A Moving Company Will Help!

Are you moving into an apartment in the British Columbia area for another year of college? If so, this is an exciting time for you and you shouldn’t have to worry about packing and moving alone, after all, you will be busy buying books, school supplies, clothing, décor and so forth.  So, relax while Highland… Read more »

Hate Moving? Hate it Less With These Hacks

This is an exciting time for you and you shouldn’t have to worry about packing and moving alone,

When the time comes closer and closer to your move out date, the thought of packing everything up can be daunting. Putting all of your belongings into boxes just to unpack them and reorganize days later isn’t anyone’s favorite activity, but we have several amazing moving tips for you to help make the move easier… Read more »

Making Your Move More Exciting

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, and it quickly becomes a daunting task instead of an exciting adventure. It is important to embrace the process and the journey that a big move brings, and you can do that with the right attitude. Below are a few great ideas for settling in and making your move… Read more »

Tiny Houses Taking Canada By Storm

If you have paid attention to the media in the past year, you have likely noticed very small homes in magazines, newspapers, and Facebook posts. These homes, frequently referred to as “tiny houses” are sweeping the housing market, mainly in the United States and Canada. The “Tiny House Movement” is a social movement where people… Read more »