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Tiny Houses Taking Canada By Storm

If you have paid attention to the media in the past year, you have likely noticed very small homes in magazines, newspapers, and Facebook posts. These homes, frequently referred to as “tiny houses” are sweeping the housing market, mainly in the United States and Canada. The “Tiny House Movement” is a social movement where people… Read more »

Reasons to Move to Vancouver

Vancouver is a wonderful city to visit. But it’s proving to be a better city for relocation. Here are our top seven reasons why Vancouver should be the first place you look for a new home. First, the homes themselves are simply gorgeous. The views are often of the mountains or ocean and even condos… Read more »

2013 Vancouver Real Estate

The holiday season is upon us. We will be hugging the New Year in a blink of an eye. Many people are putting out ‘Top Ten’ lists. Others are compiling lists of things to be thankful for. The brave few of us are deciding on what resolutions they plan on making for 2014. Imagine if… Read more »

B.C. real estate sales surging

Economic conditions, especially the real estate market, can make or break a moving company. Are people buying houses? Are people moving? Are businesses expanding and purchasing more brick and mortar stores? These are just some of the questions that moving companies mull over, especially moving companies in Canada, where small pockets of growth have created… Read more »

Greater Vancouver housing market thrived in August

Did you purchase a property in August? If not, get ready to see moving trucks lining the streets of British Columbia, especially in Greater Vancouver! The fall will certainly be a hectic time for many families as they put their belongings in moving trucks and drive to new homes. Highland Worldwide will be right there… Read more »

Buying a house during the holiday season?

The holidays are stressful; there’s no denying that.  In order to deal with the stress of gift giving and relative seeing, many families take the “time” off, focusing on day-to-day activities.  From Thanksgiving all the way into the New Year, people throw up their hands and declare, “Enough is enough!” Suffice to say, the real… Read more »