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Maintaining Your Festive Spirit During a Holiday Move

The holiday season is upon us, a time to relax and celebrate with family and friends. While moving is probably the last thought on your mind during this busy time of year, there are some unforeseen circumstances that may make a holiday move a necessity. Whether you have just received a promotion or got a… Read more »

Reasons to Move to Vancouver

Vancouver is a wonderful city to visit. But it’s proving to be a better city for relocation. Here are our top seven reasons why Vancouver should be the first place you look for a new home. First, the homes themselves are simply gorgeous. The views are often of the mountains or ocean and even condos… Read more »

Vancouver’s Luxury Real Estate Market

We love hearing about a healthy real estate market here at Highland Worldwide. Moving families have many items that need to be handled with care on their way to a new residence, especially when those furniture pieces and fragile dishes must be transported across the border. We live to serve those who want to call… Read more »

Vancouver Real Estate in 2014

The New Year – that is, the first couple of weeks of January – is always very exciting. The atmosphere is one of change and although that atmosphere is quickly peppered with stagnation, especially as the year trudges along, we must embrace the refreshing positivity that is all around us. As Vancouver’s premier movers, we… Read more »

Buying a house during the holiday season?

The holidays are stressful; there’s no denying that.  In order to deal with the stress of gift giving and relative seeing, many families take the “time” off, focusing on day-to-day activities.  From Thanksgiving all the way into the New Year, people throw up their hands and declare, “Enough is enough!” Suffice to say, the real… Read more »

Six Deadly Sins of Moving Day

Hannah Leung from relocation.com lays out the six steps you cannot skip or forget on moving day as explained by a 30-year veteran of the moving industry, Karen Tooley. Don’t Skip the Final Walk-through After your Stuff’s Loaded– Tooley recommends a final walk-through of your old home before the movers leave because it can be… Read more »

British Columbia prices to drop sharply in 2012

Brian Morton from the Vancouver Sun announces that the Canadian Real Estate Association has projected that B.C. home prices will be decreasing this year.  “The forecast average drop of four per cent – the biggest decline in the country and far steeper than the 1.1-per-cent forecast drop nationally-will bring the average price of a residential… Read more »