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Why You Should Take the Plunge and Make a Long-Distance Move

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You probably have a friend or have heard a colleague mention how they dream of moving to a new province or across the ocean to get far away from where they are now. If you’ve ever gone through the moving process, even just locally, then you know how daunting it can be. Why would anyone… Read more »

3 Ways to Evade Post-Move Depression

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It’s easy to finish a big move and feel a little down, especially if it involved moving internationally. Yes, you just accomplished something huge, you unpacked, the kids are off at school or daycare and you’re settled in. But, in some ways you’re not settled in at all. So, you need something to make you… Read more »

3 Tips for Moving to a Foreign Country

The following article, Sharon De Hinojosa from Tefl-Tips, examines three tips to keep in mind when moving to a foreign country: 1. Bring Enough Money: Make sure you have enough start-up cash when moving long distances.  Some places may provide you with the majority of amenities, while  others will expect you to provide all. 2…. Read more »

British Columbia Population Grows

 The Vancouver Sun reports that British Columbia’s population continuously grows rapidly, while new residents are beginning to prefer urban metropolitan areas over rural centers. According to Canadian statistics, Squamish and Chilliwack are the areas that saw the largest gains in population between 2006-2011. The B.C. census figures show that the population has increased by seven… Read more »