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How to Get Organized Before Your Move

How to Get Organized Before Your Move

Moving soon? Don’t worry, moving might seem like a really stressful thing to go through but if you make a plan and stick to it, it’ll be quick and painless. No one likes to put all of their belongings in boxes and haul them across town, but moving can be exciting if you just get… Read more »

Plan A Move to Vancouver with Highland Moving Company

You should think of a few steps about when you uproot and move to Vancouver, British Columbia. In order to get you started, we put together a few tips on where to start and help ease the transition process.   The first order of business before most people move is to find a job. Whether… Read more »

Vancouver and Car Free Day 2016

For families that have recently moved to Vancouver, one great way to get out and experience all that your new community has to offer this June is Car Free Day! An annual event that includes festivals and block parties all around the city, Car Free Day is all about celebrating the healthy, environmentally-conscious atmosphere that… Read more »

All About the Vancouver Art Gallery

One of the most incredible placed to visit regardless of season is the Vancouver Art Gallery. If you are planning a move to or have just arrived in the city of Vancouver, you are probably looking to do some exploring around your new home. Filled with ever-changing exhibitions and learning opportunities for individuals of all… Read more »

Reasons Why Vancouver is the Greatest City to Live

If you are considering relocation to or within British Columbia, Vancouver is an incredible city to consider making your new hometown. A city with a strong sense of community, there is always something exciting going on – from outdoor adventures to musical performances and delicious foods. Here are our top eight reasons to consider Vancouver… Read more »

Reasons to Move to Vancouver

A wonderful city to visit, Vancouver is an even better city to relocate to. Whether you are in search of a new job or are just looking for a new environment, the area has much to offer its residents. Here are our top five reasons to make the move to Vancouver: Beautiful Homes The homes… Read more »

Visit These Vancouver Attractions With Your Kids

In Vancouver – Visit These Attractions With Your Kids Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when you are moving with kids. As excited as you may be to start your new job in Vancouver, your children are probably worried about what their new school will be like, if they will make friends quickly and… Read more »