Moving into a new home – whether it’s across town or across the country – is an exciting venture. But it is also an experience that involves a lot of planning and packing. use the moving checklist below to easily break up what needs to be done when.

Not sure where to start when it comes to preparing your home and family for the big move?

Check out our week-by-week checklist for some advice. You can even download a copy below to check off as you go!

8 Weeks

Begin Planning - The first items to consider as you prepare to move.
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7 Weeks

Early Organization - Select a moving date and begin organizing boxes and supplies.
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6 Weeks

Start Packing - A few boxes each day is easier than everything at once!
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5 Weeks

Make Requests - Medical records, dental records, and more.
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4 Weeks

Plan Ahead - From shopping for a new cable packages to meal prepping for the weeks ahead, there is lots to do.
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3 Weeks

Reach Out - Loan providers, credit card companies and more all need your new address.
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2 Weeks

Start the Transfer Process - Gym memberships, pharmacy locations and more.
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1 Week

Finish Packing - Get all those boxes packed and your home cleaned from floor to ceiling.
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Day Of The Move

The Big Day is Finally Here!
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1 Week After

Get Settled - Spend the week unpacking boxes and making your new space feel like home.
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2 Weeks After

Explore the Neighborhood - Start spending time around town as your house begins to come together!
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