Frequently Asked Questions

General  Questions

Which geographic areas do you serve?

Locally, we service all areas across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, including Abbotsford and Mission. Plus, through our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines we regularly move customers to villages, towns and cities anywhere in Canada and the US.

Also, as one of Western Canada's largest international moving companies we provide door-to-door international moving services to any global destination.

What is included in local moves?

Our expert local movers can do as much or as little of the work as you require. We will disassemble, prepare, crate and pack your household goods and then unpack and reassemble those items at your new home. We can also store your items, if needed.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are fully licensed and registered with Work Safe BC. We are also an agent for Atlas Van Lines and a member of the Canadian Association of Movers.

Do you provide Transit Protection on the goods during the move?

By law, our moving fee includes Released Protection. This means your goods are covered for up to $.60 per pound per article (sofas weighing 200 pounds have a total coverage of $120.00), or $.60 per pound for the whole shipment. (Therefore, an 8,000-pound shipment has a total coverage of $4,800.00.)

We also offer Local Transit Protection on the goods for an additional fee. The amount of coverage you can purchase will depend on the weight of the shipment times 10. (Therefore, a 10,000-pound shipment x 10 equals a minimum $100,000.00 coverage.) Please talk to your sales representative to determine the amount of coverage you should purchase.

Do you provide Storage Protection on the goods stored in your warehouse?

Yes, we offer Storage Protection on goods in storage for an additional fee. You may also check to see if your Home Owner’s Insurance company will cover the goods while in storage.

What is your current Covid-19 policy?

Booking Your Move

How do I book my move?

To book a move, please contact our moving coordinator to set up a time for a virtual walk through or in-home survey of your space. During your apppointment, we’ll get details such as the date you plan to move, the level of service you need and answer your questions. We then follow up with a confirmation letter and the necessary paperwork.

How does the virtual survey work?

Your moving consultant will arrange to call you via FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom or Messenger. You will then walk through your residence, showing the items you would like to have moved. This allows our consultant to put together an estimate for the move. The call requires an internet connected tablet or mobile phone with a camera.

How is the cost of the local move determined?

Our moving consultant will first do a virtual or in-home survey to estimate the weight of your household items. This, along with factors such as access at both residences, services required on the move and travel time will determine your estimated cost for a local move. The final charges for the move are based on the actual time taken to complete the move. The more organized and ready you are when the movers arrive, the closer the final charges will be to the estimated cost.

How is the cost of a long-distance move determined?

The cost of a long-distance move is determined by the weight of your shipment and the distance you are moving. Your representative will first survey the goods in your home to be moved and will use the weight as well as fees for long carries, elevators, excessive stairs, parking permits, extra labour, bulky items and shuttles to provide the most reliable estimate.

How far in advance do I need to book my move?

Ideally, you want to book your move 4 - 6 weeks in advance to get your desired date. However, keep in mind that peak season (mid May to mid September) and month ends are especially popular and may require further advance notice. If circumstances prevent you from booking that far in advance, please contact us for available openings.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I book my move?

You only pay a deposit on the day of your local or long-distance move. This amount is based on the estimated cost of your move. However, a deposit is required for shipments to be stored.

What is your policy for rescheduling and cancelling moves?

We understand that circumstances may require you to reschedule your move. When this happens, we ask that you give us as much notice as possible. Taking into consideration peak periods, we will do our best to accommodate your new date.

We also understand that things happen and that you may have to cancel your move. Again, we ask that you provide us with as much notice as possible so that we can provide that opening to another customer.

Preparing for the Move

Do you move heavy items such as safes or pianos?

We have has specialized equipment and trained crews to move heavy items alongside other household goods. Please bring these to the attention of your sales representative so that we can have the proper packing material and equipment in place on moving day.

Is there anything that you can’t move?

Please see the complete lists of ‘Dangerous Goods’ that cannot be moved in our vans: non-admissible items for moving and do not ship goods. These lists apply to local and long-distance moves.

Can I ship my plants?

The stress and heat of being inside a commercial moving vehicle can be detrimental to plants. Therefore, while we can transport plants locally, this is done at your own risk. We do not recommend moving plants on long-distance moves. They often do not survive the heat or cold weather.

How do I prepare appliances for the move?

Please speak to your sales representative about preparing your appliances for local or long distance moves or for storage. For example, front load washing machines are sensitive and can be damaged if the drum is not blocked prior to moving. And, refrigerators and freezers should be disconnected and cleaned a few days before you move.

Can I leave items in my dresser drawers?

Lightweight items may be left in the drawers. However, please remove loose objects that could move around and possibly damage the dresser. We also recommend emptying particle board furniture as these are not designed to be moved with any weight inside of them.

Do you help with disassembling and preparing the furniture for the move? What about assembling the items you’ve disassembled?

Yes, our movers can assist you to disassemble and prepare your furniture for the move and then reassemble these items at your new place. Charges are based on the amount of time it takes to complete the task.

However, you can skip additional fees by disassembling and reassembling on your own IKEA-type furniture that may require extra time.

Do you sell cartons so I can pack my own items?

As a full-service moving company, we sell cartons of various sizes as well as packing paper and tape. These can be bought and picked up from our office or delivered (additional fee applies) to you. We offer free delivery with the purchase of packing material that includes all the cartons, paper and tape.

If I’m having a full-service move, do I need to pack anything?

If we are doing the packing on your move, you don’t need to pack anything prior to our arrival.  However, we suggest that you go through closets, drawers and storage areas and dispose of items you no longer want. This way, you’re not paying to ship and clutter your new home with unnecessary items.

Will you move my jewelry and other valuables?

We strongly recommend that you carry your jewellery with you. Other precious or high-value items such as comic books, coins, stamp collections or artwork may be included in your shipment, but you must notify your sales representative before packing begins. You may need a separate transit protection policy to cover these items during the move. Also, in some cases you will need to provide a detailed inventory list of the valuable items.

Secure Storage

How do you charge for storage?

Our storage fees are based on the weight or the volume of the shipment – whichever is higher. The cost is determined once our moving consultant surveys the items to be stored and estimates the weight or volume of the shipment.

Is there a limit to how long I can store my goods?

By paying a monthly storage fee, you can keep your goods in our warehouse for days, months or years, whatever best suits your needs.

After the Move

How do I pay and what methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash for local moves and will accept personal cheques for shipments coming into storage.