8 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Determine your moving budget.
  • Get moving quotes.
  • Research new schools for your children and get them enrolled.
  • Request school transcripts to be transferred.

7 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Select your moving company and your moving date.
  • Request time off if you are making your move on a work day.
  • Start gathering boxes and storage bins to pack your belongings in.
  • Plan your box organization strategy (color coding, labeling with names, etc.).
  • Get your vehicle serviced.

6 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Address minor home repairs.
  • Research your new area.
  • Take photos of electronics, furniture and anything else that will need to be disassembled to move.
  • Start packing; a few boxes every day is much easier than having to pack everything at once!

5 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Downsize and declutter as you pack. Have items you no longer use, or clothes you don't wear anymore? Sell or donate them as you are boxing the rest of your items away to save space and start fresh in your new home.
  • Organize financial and legal documents, storing them all together in one space.
  • Request medical, dental and vet records for family and pets.
  • Research a new doctor, dentist, vet and any other specialist you will need to see.

4 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Start using what is in your refrigerator and freezer. You can’t pack frozen foods, so plan ahead for some easy meals in the upcoming weeks.
  • Shop for cable, internet and phone packages, cancelling the plan at your current address or transferring it to your new one.
  • Update your voter registration

3 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Back up your computer.
  • Change your address with loan providers, credit card companies, banks, insurance companies and your office payroll department.
  • Begin forwarding your mail with the post office.

2 Weeks Until Your Moving Day

  • Cancel or transfer gym memberships.
  • Transfer utilities.
  • Transfer prescriptions to your new pharmacy location.
  • Update your drivers’ license and vehicle registration.
  • Meal prep: These next two weeks are going to be a bit hectic, so use the frozen/perishable foods you have left to make dinner time easy.

1 Week Until Your Moving Day

  • Finish packing everything but the items you will need the morning of the move. Pack an essential box of the items you will need the day of the move. This should include items like toothbrushes, bed sheets and cleaning supplies.
  • Clean your home from floor to ceiling, looking in the back of cupboards and closets for items you may have forgotten to pack.
  • Drain the washing machine hose.
  • Unplug the refrigerator and freezer the night before the move, placing a towel beneath the fridge to keep water from pooling.

Moving Day!

  • Wake up early to ensure you and your family are ready to move when the moving crew arrives.
  • Pack a box or bag with items that will keep your children entertained throughout the day. This can include snacks, games, coloring books and more.
  • Put out bottled water for your family and the moving crew to stay hydrated while they work.
  • Do a final sweep of your old home once the moving crew has packed up all boxed and furniture, looking for any items you may have accidentally left behind.
  • Check your meter readings and record the numbers in a safe place so that you can match them to your final bill when it arrives in the mail.
  • Once have arrived at your hew home and the movers have brought all your boxes and furniture inside, make the beds and unpack bathroom necessities.
  • If you weren’t able to clean your new space before moving day, there are a few spots you should tackle right away.
  • Go grocery shopping (if you are feeling up to it) or order takeout for dinner.
  • Get a good night’s sleep! You’ve had a hard day of work, and will have plenty of unpacking to do over the course of the next week or two.

1 Week After Your Moving Day

  • Spend a bit of time each day unpacking room by room. Start with the spaces most essential to you, and move on from there. The kitchen, bathrooms and family living areas are a few areas we recommend unpacking first.
  • Change the locks.
  • Make copies of your new keys for the kids, your babysitter, family members, and anyone else who may need them.
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.

2 Weeks After Your Moving Day

  • Explore your new neighborhood, finding grocery stores, restaurants, parks and other areas your family will want to visit soon.
  • Sell unwanted furniture/items that don’t fit or match the style of your new home.
  • Aim to have all your boxes, or at least those containing important items, unpacked by the end of the week.

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