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6 Tips to Stay Organized While Unpacking After a Move

October 24, 2018

So you’ve made it to your new place and can finally take a second to breathe… or can you?

One thing that people often don’t focus on is the weeks and months following a move, when you’re slowly but surely unpacking all of your items from those painstakingly packed boxes.

Since you’re exhausted from the move itself, including the packing of those boxes, unpacking can sometimes be unorganized, and that can be overwhelming.

So, here are a few tips to help you stay organized while unpacking after a move!

#1 Schedule enough time to unpack

Unpacking takes just as much, if not more, time as packing does—and it’s important to set aside enough time to do it properly.

If you stick to nights and weekends, trust us, you’ll be stressed, and the unpacking process will seem never-ending. Plus, if you’re at work all day and unpacking all night, when will you relax and decompress?

  • If you can, take a few extra days off work to focus on unpacking.

And, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get unpacked quickly: sure, it feels better to have everything done and put away, but you can live among some boxes for a couple of days while you recover from the move and settle in at your new job—there’s no need to get everything done the day after you move in!

#2 Clean!

Before you can even start to think of unpacking, give your new place a deep clean from top to bottom.

Sweep and mop all of those nooks and crannies that you won’t be able to get to once all of your stuff is assembled and unpacked from those moving boxes.

If you prefer to hire a service to do the deep clean, schedule it ahead of time so that you’re not waiting for your cleaners and itching to start the unpacking process. Consumer Affairs says it’s easier to dust, shampoo carpet, and clean windows when there aren’t any items strewn about.

#3 Furniture first

If you have furniture in boxes that needs to be assembled, start here—after all, you won’t be able to unpack your clothes if your dresser is sitting in pieces in a box!

Putting together furniture can be time consuming, so invite a friend over, order some take out, and get to work. The sooner you have your furniture assembled, the sooner you can start unpacking your belongings into said furniture.

#4 Make the bed

If you’ve been reading our posts, then you probably have a “go-bag” that contains a few changes of clothes, a shower towel, and a clean set of sheets for your bed. The first thing you should do when you’re unpacking, once you get the bed frame assembled of course, is make the bed with clean sheets, and unpack all of your pillows.

You’ll want to be able to crawl into bed when you’re ready, and if you wait to make the bed until later, you’ll have unpacking fatigue! Make sure this item is high up on your to-do list.

#5 Focus on one room at a time

The best way to unpack is to make a plan, and stay organized, which means: unpack one room at a time.

Instead of just picking up a box and seeing what’s inside at random, move each box into the room that its things will belong in. Then, choose one room to focus on at a time. There will be straggler items, but house them in an overflow box or area until you figure out where you want them to go.

  • Start with the rooms you use the most frequently first, like your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Guest rooms and home offices can wait a couple of days, if need be, but you’re going to need your coffee pot accessible and all of your clothes out of those boxes pretty quickly.

#6 Downsize where possible

Some of you may have gone through your belongings before the move and were able to get rid of some of your things, which is great; less to pack is less to unpack!

But chances are that you’ll still bring a few unnecessary items with you on the move.

As you unpack, if you come across something you don’t think you’ll need, make a pile in an empty box. After you’re finished unpacking, if you don’t have a place for that item, either donate it or trash it. Your junk drawer will thank you!

Remember the stress of unpacking can be left until after the move! However, if you pack with the end in mind, you may just make your unpacking that much easier on future-you.

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