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6 Ways to Stay Organized During Your Move

January 10, 2019

Moving can be exciting—and a little chaotic.

So, what’s the key to a stress-free move, you ask?

One answer: organization.

Whether you’re an expert list-maker, or new to the label maker, here are a few tips to help you stay organized and stress-free during your move!

1. Make a list for your move

Making lists is one powerful tactic in tackling a move—but you don’t need to make just one list.

Keep a running list of things to do, like items you need to buy (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape), things to take care of before the move-out date (donate clothing, call the gas company to close your account), and even keep a list of what you’ve packed and where you packed it (candlesticks from Grandma packed in the dining room tote).

Writing things down will hold you accountable, and help you remember when your brain feels a little bit scattered due to the move.

2. Start organizing your move early

The best thing to do to prepare for an organized move is to get started early. If you wait until just a couple days before your move-out date, you’ll be rushing and packing haphazardly, which will lead to a stressful packing and unpacking process.

Save yourself the headache by planning ahead!

Two to four weeks before your move, start to de-clutter your home by tossing items you no longer need, donating clothing you’re not wearing, and eating everything you can from the pantry.

We suggest throwing a “leftover” night with your friends and eating through those last few frozen pizzas before the big day!

To de-clutter effectively, you’ll need to open every closet door, drawer, cabinet and basket in your home, pick up each of your belongings and decide whether you want to keep, donate or trash it. Don’t skip the junk drawer in the kitchen!

3. Pack one room at a time

Packing can get a little hectic, especially if you’re just throwing things into boxes.

  • One way to keep the boxes neat and orderly, ensuring a stress-free unpacking process, is to pack room by room.

Label a couple of boxes for the kitchen, office, and bedroom, and focus on one room at a time. You may end up with a catch-all box at the end, but at least you’ll know where each box belongs once it comes off the truck. This will make unloading and unpacking a breeze!

4. Label everything

When we say label everything—we mean, everything.

Not only will this help you unload your boxes in the right areas of your home, but it will help keep track of all your belongings if you label the right way!

  • Don’t just write “bedroom” on the outside of that moving box: write “bedding, throw pillows, blanket” so that you know exactly what is inside of each box.

Undoubtedly, when you arrive at your new home, you’ll need to locate a few key items, like the coffee pot and your comforter: labelling your boxes will make quick work of locating those necessary items. Trust us, you’ll be thanking your past self for those detailed box labels!

5. Pack early

If you already planned ahead of time, why not get packing?

Anything you can get packed away early, even a few weeks before your move, will make the days leading up to the move that much more relaxed. If you have seasonal sporting gear or items stored in the basement that you won’t need for a while, but want to bring with you, pack all of that up early so that it’s completed and out of the way.

It’ll knock a few rooms off your to-do list, and it’s a great place to get started. Just make sure you don’t pack something that you might need and remember to label those boxes!

6. Be creative with your packing

All of your belongings don’t have to fit into the same size and shape box. Use things like luggage, baskets, and storage bins as moving boxes. Not only will you save money on boxes you won’t need, but you’ll save yourself from having to figure out how to fit your huge suitcase into a moving box!

7. Pack an overnight bag

There are a few things you’ll need to keep readily accessible, even during moving day, like medicine, your toothbrush, a few changes of clothes, and important paperwork or documents.

Save packing these items for last and put them in a duffel bag or an overnight bag to bring with you in the car. Everything else can go with the moving van, but you should have enough stuff to get you through the first night at your new place without opening any boxes.

Chances are, after moving day, you’ll want to just relax and get settled into your new home! The last thing you’ll want to do is rummage around in boxes for your pajamas and a set of sheets.

When you’re ready to get organized, we can help you cross off the first thing on your to-do list: Hire a packing and moving company in Vancouver BC. Call Highland Moving & Storage Vancouver at 04-626-0954 to get a moving quote today!