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Advice For Moving With Kids

August 21, 2019

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, moving is a big and exciting adventure for your family. To ensure a smooth transition for your children, it is important to include them in the moving process and let their opinions be heard.

Remember, leaving their friends and the school they are comfortable in is a big change! Take proactive steps to make the most of the move and help your family to adjust as you settle into your new home.

Share the News

The first step to moving with children is to share the news. Are you moving because of a promotion or a new job opportunity? Open with this information, explaining why you took the job and how it will positively affect your family. Let your children voice their concerns, being open and honest with your answers.

The more information your kids have, the easier the move will be on them. Ease any worries and encourage them to participate in the moving process by helping to pack up their rooms and going to look at houses with you.

Pack Together

As the big move draws near, we recommend packing as a family, so your kids know where their belongings will be when it comes time to unpack in the new house.

Especially for younger children, we recommend packing a box of favorite toys and belongings to keep in the car with you. These items can provide a sense of security during the busy move and will give your kids something to do as you unpack the necessities into your new home.

Plan Out New Rooms

The most exciting part of moving into a new home is decorating and making it your own. Let your kids participate in the decorating process, encouraging them to help choose paint colors and accent pieces, especially for their bedrooms. Head to the store together to find paint swatches and bring a few options home to choose from together.

Get your teens interested in the move by giving them a budget to purchase new linens, rugs and furniture to decorate with. Let your kids choose furniture placement and wall colors, encouraging them to make their new space feel like home.

Explore the Area

Once the new house is unpacked and you have had some time to settle in, take a day and tour the area with your family. Spend some time researching interesting places in your new town, letting each of your children choose one to visit.

Also take some time to map out the town, figuring out where the local grocery store, playground, and other places you will visit frequently are. This will help to familiarize your family with the area, making the transition into the new home easier. While moving can be stressful for kids, it can also be a lot of fun!  Keep a positive attitude and help your family through the transition to make it easier for everyone.

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