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Consider Leaving These Items Behind When You Move

April 15, 2018

When making a move, many people make the mistake of bringing everything they own with them. It’s important to understand that you do not need to pack each item in your current home to bring along to your next home. In fact, you likely don’t need every item in your current home and haven’t used the majority of them in months. Before you move, consider narrowing down what to bring with you.


Many of us hang onto clothes for a long time and keep clothes that we don’t wear frequently. Before a move, you should take the opportunity to go through your clothing and sort what you want to keep, sell, and donate. You don’t need to move every item of clothing you own if you don’t wear all of them. It’s better to sort through them now when you need to pull each individual clothing item out.

Loose Papers

You’ll want to secure certain documents when moving such as birth certificates, marriage license, financial records, and passports. You should store these documents in a locked, waterproof case when moving and make sure you are aware of its whereabouts. However, other documents such as very old receipts, old magazines, and old newspapers, you should not move. You can use newspapers to wrap breakable items, otherwise, recycle unnecessary documents before the move.

Old Furniture

If you have furniture that you have been hanging onto in case you “need it again” but you have not used any of it recently, now is the time to sell or donate. For instance, old tables take up a lot of space when moving and you are better off getting rid of them if you don’t use them. This also goes for old chairs, filing cabinets, or desks. Furniture is bulky and takes up a tremendous amount of space. Don’t move furniture if you do not plan on using it in your new home.


We all have comforters, sheets, and towels that we never use. If you have a comforter or sheet set that doesn’t fit a mattress in your home, donate it. If towels are bleached or torn, purchase fresh towels for your new home. Linens can take up a tremendous amount of room when packing. If you know you won’t use them, consider donating them instead.

When making a move, consider leaving some of the above items behind. If you are making a long-distance move, it’s important to prioritize what items you should bring versus what you should leave behind.

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