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Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Productive Move- Part 6

March 12, 2020

It’s moving day!

Step 6: Moving day.

All your boxes are packed, your movers are on their way, and it’s finally time to say goodbye to your old house! Did you think this day would ever come?

Since you’ve hired a moving company to handle the heavy lifting, there’s not much you’ll need to worry about on the day of the move itself. There are a few things you can do, however, to help your movers do their job successfully and set yourself up to settle into your new place!

Wake up early to pack last-minute items.

Even if you think it will only take you an hour to finish up those miscellaneous tasks you left for moving day, give yourself two or three. You don’t want to be scrambling to pack your shower supplies after your morning bathroom routine or shoveling breakfast down your throat before the movers arrive. Give yourself a little time to ease into the long day ahead of you.

Have a checklist of the last-minute items you need to pack so you don’t start to unpack at your new house and realize you missed something! Sweep each room for routine items you used that morning or the night before and any forgotten knickknacks.

Organize your boxes.

Help facilitate a smooth loading, unloading, and unpacking process by grouping your boxes together by room before the movers arrive. Make sure all sides are labeled so you can still identify them when they’re stacked and loaded in different directions in the truck.

To make the unloading process especially efficient, you might even consider drawing up a layout of your new home and numbering each room. Label each box with the number of the room it belongs to and give your layout to the moving team. They’ll be able to take each box to its designated spot by number!

Have a clear pathway for the movers.

Give yourself enough time in the morning to double check that all walkways and entryways are unobstructed and ready for your movers. Move any boxes and packing materials out of the way to the middle of the room, remove plants from the porch, and don’t forget about rugs and doormats that could cause someone to trip!

Make yourself available to your moving team.

Although professional movers will know the best way to load and transport your belongings, they may still need a little guidance from you on where everything should go in your new house, which boxes are fragile, and if any furniture needs to be disassembled.

Stay close enough to your movers as they’re working so you can answer any questions they have or give them any important notes; but give them enough room to do their jobs. They are the experts, after all.

Treat your team kindly and consider offering snacks or an easy lunch—like pizza or a sub tray—and have plenty of water on hand to keep them hydrated while they’re hard at work! Tipping each team member for their services at the end is another surefire way to show your appreciation.

Do at least two final walkthroughs.

After you’ve completed your last-minute to-do list before the movers arrive, conduct a full sweep of the house to look for any remaining items and final tasks you might have missed. Don’t forget to take out all your last-minute trash, ditch anything the movers can’t load (flammables, cleaning supplies, etc.), throw out leftover perishable food, and turn off all lights and appliances.

Your FINAL walkthrough should take place after everything has been loaded into the moving truck. Take the time to check every room, nook, and cranny again. This includes all closets, cabinets, storage spaces, and even inside your fridge. Finally, don’t forget to lock up on your way out!

You did it!

Congratulations! You’ve made it through your move and can finally start unpacking and settling into your new home! Thanks for following along with our moving guide; we hope it has made your experience easier, more efficient, and maybe even a little exciting.

Our approach at Highland Worldwide is to treat every customer like family, and all of their belongings as we would our own. We offer packing, moving, and storage services for all of Vancouver and surrounding areas.

Whether life takes you across the street or across the Atlantic, the team at Highland is here to provide the guidance and assistance you need for a secure, successful, and confident move!