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How to Get Your Office Ready for a Move

October 29, 2019

Moving your business to a new office is an exciting time for you and your employees—and a busy one! When the relocation becomes official, it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of new opportunity, the growth of your business, and an upgraded workspace. Don’t forget though, that a successful office relocation requires a lot of detailed planning and preparation.

If you take the right steps and put enough time into gettingyour business ready to move, your new and improved office will be up andrunning in no time!

Streamline the Planning Process

Stick to a schedule.

After you find the perfect new office space for your company, your first step should be creating a timeline for the move. Set a final move out date and work backward from that deadline. Give yourself a couple days for the move itself and enough time for you and your employees to pack up without feeling rushed!

Have a central location for important information.

It’s easy for important documents to get lost in adisorganized move. Prevent this from happening by organizing all important businessdocuments in one room, file cabinet, or computer drive for quick and easyaccess. This is a good place to store all lists, plans, and documentationrelated to the actual move as well.

Form a moving committee.

Designate a group of employees or ask for volunteers to helpget your office ready for the move. This group should be responsible for determininga moving budget, making a list of supplies you have and what you’ll need foryour new space, keeping customers, vendors, and the rest of the staff informedand updated about the move, and making sure everything is getting done on schedule.

Hire Helpfor the Move

Find a reputable moving company.

Moving your office without professional help is going to get stressful, expensive, and messy very fast. With the help of movers experienced in office relocation, you’ll be able to focus on maintaining workflow and productivity through this period of transition.

If you can, hire professional packers too.

Don’t waste time trying to figure out how many boxes and rolls of bubble wrap you’ll need to pack up everything in the office when you can have someone else do it expertly! A team of professional packers will ease and expedite your preparation process by knowing and providing the appropriate supplies and equipment, as well as the safest and most effective way to use them.

Don’t forget about a cleaning service.

Before you leave, check to see if your building handles thecleanup after you’ve vacated your space. If not, you’ll have to hire your owncompany to take care of leaving your old office in the best possible condition.

Create an Office Layout

Plan out your new space before you move.

The unpacking process will be much easier and quicker ifeverything and everyone already has a designated place. Design a detailed layoutfor your new office, including where every piece of furniture will go and aseating chart for your staff. The faster everything is unpacked and in place,the sooner everyone will be settled in and ready to work.

Get your employees involved.

A relocation can be tough on your employees with the chaotic office atmosphere, extra work and stress that goes into a move, and the need to adapt to a new environment. Help your workers ease into an office move by encouraging them to participate in the planning process! Preparing the design and décor for your new space is a great way to get them excited while taking something off your plate.

There’s no need to sacrifice productivity for the sake of an office relocation! Enlist Highland Worldwide’s team of professional office movers in Vancouver to make the process as seamless as possible. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, from packing up and transporting the old office to unloading and setting up your new workspace.

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