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How to Keep Your Kids Busy on Moving Day

August 25, 2019

Moving is stressful for the entire family. The process often feels long and drawn-out, but way too fast at the same time! When the day finally arrives to load up and transport all your belongings, there’s so much going on you often don’t know what to focus on.

When you’re moving with kids, there’s twice as much to do and stress about—especially on the day of the move. The chaos of moving day is overwhelming for parents and children alike. You don’t have time to be tending to your kids while your moving team is trying to work efficiently, despite how badly you may want to be.

Make the process easier on everyone by coming up with a plan ahead of time for keeping your kids occupied to guarantee the day runs as smoothly as possible!

Hire some help.

You don’t have to handle everything on your own during moving preparation or on the day itself. It’s okay to bring in a few extra hands! Hire a babysitter for the day to watch your kids and keep them happy and entertained. You’ll feel much better knowing they’re safe and content and be able to put your energy and focus into the move.

If you think having your children around on moving day will prove too distracting for everyone, send them out for the day. Send them to the house of a family member, friend, or neighbor to separate them from the disorder. You can even make it a fun adventure by having your helper take them to an amusement park, arcade, or other exciting location for the day!

Give them a little responsibility.

Kids love feeling like they have something important to do. Get them excited for moving day by giving them one or a few specific tasks to handle. They’ll feel like they’re contributing and stay out of your hair. If they’re a little older, they can probably take a few things off your plate too!

Set aside a few smaller boxes or items for your kids to load into the car. Give them a cooler and tell them their job is to choose their favorite snacks or pack the sandwiches for lunch. You can even have them hand out water bottles to the movers!

Let them take care of the dog or clean some of the rooms that have already been emptied. They’ll be glad to feel like they’re helping, and you’ll be happy they have something to do.

Prepare fun activities.

If the weather is nice, send your kids to the backyard to play some games while the movers work. They can play hide-and-go-seek, tag, or you can make up a special moving day game to entertain them! You don’t have to leave out a bunch of toys but setting a football or soccer ball aside might be a good idea.

Another good idea for moving day is to put together an activity kit for your children. Collect a number of options to keep them busy and focused while you facilitate the move. Grab some board games, a deck of cards, coloring and activity books, or even a tablet with a downloaded movie.

Designate a safe space for them.

Moving is often an emotional journey for kids, and the craziness of moving day can amplify those feelings of fear and discomfort. Allocate an empty room for them to use while your house is being loaded. Make sure it’s ready before the day arrives and that your kids know it’s just for them. Notify your movers that the room is off-limits.

Fill the space with things that comfort your children and activities to keep them busy. Let them pack a special box full of their favorite toys, books, snacks, and other comfort items to reassure them during the commotion. Keep these items in their designated room to help it feel like a safe haven.

Don’t go into moving day expecting to be able to handle your children and the heavy lifting all by yourself! Bring in a team of reliable, experienced movers in Vancouver to simplify and speed up the process. The professionals at Highland Moving know that your family is your priority and are dedicated to making things easier on you, so you can take care of them. Contact us today to inquire about how we can alleviate the stress of your local, long-distance, or international move!