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How to Move Furniture to Your New Home with Ease

June 27, 2018

You have your packing checklist, your route planned out for the trip to your new house, but what about those large pieces of furniture that you haven’t wanted to even think about tackling?

Here’s some advice on how to make the process of moving your furniture easier!

Prepare for the Move

Anyone knows that the key to a stress-free move is to make a plan.

Properly organize and prepare your furniture and the big moving day will seem like a breeze.

Measure Your Furniture

This may seem like a tedious task, but it will save you a lot of time in the future.

By measuring the different dimensions of your furniture, you will be able to assess if it will fit through the halls and doorways without getting stuck. This will help you evaluate your larger pieces and if they have to be broken down beforehand. Then you can plan out how it will all fit in the moving truck as well as create a floor plan for your new home before you arrive!

Decide What to Keep or Leave Behind

Take a good look at your furniture before you make the big move.

Check for damaged areas or signs that the piece might be a little to worn out after all of these years.

It may not be worth it to take to your new place if you’re going to replace it anyway or you’re thinking of putting it in storage. By performing this assessment of your furniture, you will take only the necessary items to your new home with you and leave the stress behind.

Clean Your Furniture Before You Move

It probably feels like the only thing you’ve been doing is cleaning, but we promise, this step is important.

By cleaning your furniture before the big haul, it will prevent dust and other materials from scratching delicate surfaces. This will also make unpacking easier since you already cleaned these items!

Packing Your Furniture

After you have finished the necessary preparations, it’s time to pack up your furniture.

With your aforementioned plan in hand, you should have no stress getting your pieces safely onto the loading truck and fitting everything in with ease.

Pack What Can Be Packed

It’s a good idea to pack the items that can be packed first. This means that all cushions and accent pieces like throw pillows and blankets can be packed separately in bags or totes instead of staying with their particular piece of furniture.

Then when you go to move the actual items themselves, you won’t have anything loose that could potentially fall off.

Loading Your Furniture onto the Moving Truck

Just like a good game of Tetris, every item should have its specific place in the loading truck for maximum efficiency.

Keep in mind that heavy furniture should go in first so that it’s sitting at the end of the truck closest to the driver’s area.

This ensures that the largest portion of weight will be on the most stable part of the vehicle and not weighing down the backend.

The Moving Tools You Will Need

There’s no reason to break your back while moving. That would make for an awful start to life in your new home.

So to ensure a safe and easier move, it’s important to obtain a few key tools that will take care of your heavy-lifting.

Moving Blankets and Pads

Moving can do a lot of damage to not only the furniture you’re trying to carry, but also the walls and doorways in both your old and new home.

By utilizing moving blankets and pads, you will ensure that your furniture and other precious items will stay protected during the process and will arrive in your new home unscathed.

Invest in a Dolly for Your Move

The Spruce recommends renting a dolly to save your stuff, and ultimately save your back. It would be smart to look into both a utility dolly and a furniture dolly.

The utility dolly is the upright contraption with two wheels that is great for stacking boxes and transporting bigger loads.

The furniture dolly has four wheels and a flat base easily transporting larger items as long as they are securely placed on the bed.

Moving Straps Will Help

This tool is essential to preventing unnecessary injuries while moving your belongings.

These straps can help you carry heavy or awkwardly large items and take the pressure off of your back. Additionally, they can be used to keep items secure on a dolly or secure the blankets wrapped around your furniture.

The greatest tool you could take advantage of is a professional moving company.

Here at Highland Moving Vancouver, it’s our job to move your furniture and belongings safely and securely to your new home. Call us today at 604-581-2300 to learn more about our moving services.