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How to Pack Fragile Items with Household Supplies

August 21, 2019

Packing your expensive china, vases and collectibles can cause some frustration during the moving process. Surprisingly enough, you don’t need to go out and buy packing peanuts to ensure that your fragile items are safe.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country there are some useful products you can find around your house to keep your most precious decorations and tableware from breaking.

Shredded Paper and Newspaper

Instead of tossing old magazines, catalogs, newspapers and junk mail in the recycling bin as you get ready to move, save them to use as padding while you pack up your most breakable home décor.

A couple sheets of newspaper can be placed between plates and wrapped around vases for extra padding while magazines and mail can be shredded to fill in all the gaps between items before you close each box.

Pillows, Blankets and Towels

You have to pack these soft and fluffy products anyways, so why not use them to make sure your fragile items are kept safe?

We recommend doing all of your laundry before packing up to make the transition into your new home easier. Just take these items right out of the dryer and wrap them around porcelain and ceramic pieces.

Egg Cartons

Used for the most fragile of food items, egg cartons are also a great way to organize and protect the smallest of your breakable goods. You can even set them up on the inner bottom, sides and top of each fragile box to absorb shock as the moving trucks go over bumps or come to hard stops.

Take advantage of the products you have around your home to make the most of your move! Looking for assistance getting your furniture and boxes from Point A to Point B? Highland Worldwide Vancouver is here to help! Contact us at 604-581-2300 for a free quote today!