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Making Your Move More Exciting

May 10, 2017

Moving can be stressful and overwhelming, and it quickly becomes a daunting task instead of an exciting adventure.

It is important to embrace the process and the journey that a big move brings, and you can do that with the right attitude.

Below are a few great ideas for settling in and making your move painless and (dare we say it) fun.

Turn It Up

Your favorite songs can affect your mood, so why not use them to your advantage when moving? Music can give you a boost of energy or it can calm you down in an instant.

Make moving playlists to help you focus. Create an energetic playlist that can help you power through packing and unpacking when you’re in desperate need of some motivation.

  • You should also create a mellow playlist to help you unwind when the stress is getting to you.

If you have children, use music to create little song-and-dance numbers while you work to keep them entertained.

You’d be amazed at how many things can serve as a microphone.

Plan Your Packing

It can be tempting, especially when you’re in a rush to just get things done, to grab some big boxes and toss things into them at random. However, packing with no plan will set you up for a headache when you get to unpacking.

  • Try using smaller boxes, such as bankers boxes, to pack and label things so you know where they are when you go to open them.

While you’ll wind up with more boxes overall, you’ll feel much more accomplished when unpacking because the task will be more manageable.

Treat Yourself

We can’t deny that moving can be a tough process; it takes a lot of time and energy. For some people, the satisfaction of being all set up in a new home is reward enough for finishing the process.

However, for some us, we want to celebrate the finished project and all of the hard work that went into it.

  • Set a goal for yourself for when you’re finished moving to motivate yourself to get it all done.

For example, if you unpack all your boxes within a week, book yourself a relaxing massage or a special dinner out.

If you’re looking to move, whether local, long distance, or overseas, Highland Moving can help you.