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Arlene, Relocation Specialist and Sales Manager

Years with Highland:

32 years and still going strong.

Why Highland:

It would take pages to explain why I enjoy working at Highland. The main reason however, is that I trust the people coming out behind me to do a great job for my customers. People trust me to organize their moves and I need to trust the movers who work for Highland to bring it together. When you have confidence in the people doing the actual job, it makes it easy to reassure my customers that the job will be done well.

Most memorable move at Highland:

The one that stands out involved two customers who were at the end stage of their lives and were moving back to Halifax to be with their families. It meant so much to me hearing them say, “we trust you to take care of our most precious items.” I saw them on loading day and cried with them as we said goodbye.

Favourite place in the world:

Israel. I would go back in a heartbeat. The history is incredible and the people are the friendliest. Such a unique culture and sharing that trip with my mom was the best. My second favourite place in the world is right here in Vancouver with my immediate family. There is nothing like a family gathering with people who accept you unconditionally...especially my new husband.

Favourite family tradition:

Christmas Eve with 40+ people at my brothers every year. It is such a magical evening and seeing everyone just creates such sweet memories. My father passed away on Christmas Eve and I feel closest to him when we gather that night.

You have just a few hours to yourself, you:

I’ve become addicted to golf over the last year. When I have free time, I’m on the course or at the driving range. The game allows me to shut my brain off from work and home and venture into hitting a small white ball into the hole. It’s a challenging game and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I do well. I’m also a personal trainer and I enjoy helping people to achieve their fitness goals.

Arlene Johnston

Arlene Johnston

Arlene Johnston