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Moving Day Etiquette: The Right Way to Treat Your Movers

June 02, 2019

Moving is hard work! Whether you’re rallying a group of generous friends or plan to hire a team of movers, there’s no way you would be able to get through moving day on your own.

When moving day arrives you may be focused on getting the job done, but don’t let your manners fall to the wayside. Take care to keep in mind those who were considerate enough to give you a hand. Proper moving day etiquette is just as important as preparing for the move itself—and makes the process less stressful and more efficient.

Use this guide we’ve put together about how to treat your movers to ensure everyone is working well together and carrying out the process as productively as possible. If you’re worried about getting the job done right and in the most efficient way, invest in a professional moving company to give yourself the mental energy you need to stay upbeat and courteous on moving day!

Have everything prepared before the movers arrive.

Don’t wait until the movers arrive to pack last minute items or label and organize boxes. Scrambling around while the movers are standing around waiting for you is a waste of everyone’s time—and your money if you’ve hired a team. Have boxes and other packing items arranged and ready to be loaded to make your movers’ jobs faster and easier.

Label each box with its destination—living room, bathroom, etc.—so the unloading process is equally as efficient as packing up the truck. Identify fragile boxes and point out items that require specific or delicate care right away so your team can establish an appropriate system before they begin executing it.

Don’t overpack your boxes.

It might seem like a good idea to make the most out of your boxes by stuffing them with anything you can before you tape them up. Having fewer boxes sounds like a great way to optimize your space and time, but overpacked containers are a nightmare for the people moving them—friends and professionals alike.

Exceedingly full and heavy boxes can be very difficult to move. Even the guys with the bulging biceps are going to have trouble lifting three shelves worth of books at a time. Boxes crammed to the top and barely held together with tape are also more likely to break in transit. Be conscious of the people who will end up carrying your belongings as you pack them up.

Stay out of the way.

If you’ve hired a skilled and experienced moving service, then the team will know what they’re doing—let them do it. Your movers’ jobs and your life will be a lot easier if you give them the space they need to operate. Don’t stand around throwing out instructions or advice every step of the way. Micromanaging your team will only slow the process.

Constant hovering is also very distracting, and distractions on moving day can lead to injuries and accidents. Keep a healthy distance and keep any pets or children under control and out of the way too.

Don’t disappear though.

While it is imperative to give the movers enough room to do their jobs, you still need to be available to them at any time. They’re probably going to have questions about how you want certain things organized or disassembled, the best door to get in and out of the building, etc. Make sure you’re around to answer them.

Stay in the vicinity of the house and make sure the movers know where they can find you. If you need to briefly step out or run an errand, give them a heads-up and maybe your cell phone number. You know the ins and outs of your home and your belongings far better than they do—they’re going to need a little direction to get the job done right.

Clear a path.

This rule sort of parallels the need to have everything prepared. Ensure your movers have easy access to everything they’ll need—your apartment building/house, parking, doors, elevators. Accessibility is crucial to a quick and smooth moving process and will avoid any inconvenience to you, your team, and your neighbors as well.

Prepare every walkway and entryway by double checking that they’re clean and clear before the day gets going. Check for and eliminate any safety hazards like a front door mat you forgot about or the cat’s food and water bowls from the morning. Advise the team of any obstacles ahead of time such as stairs, narrow hallways, parking restrictions, and one-way streets.

Salt slippery driveways and sidewalks in the winter as well, to avoid any damage to your stuff or your movers.

Be considerate.

Whether you’re paying professionals or enticing your friends with the promise of pizza and beer, your movers are invaluable to the process and should be treated as such. Treat them kindly and with respect. Offer to help wherever you can and anything that will make their jobs easier.

Provide plenty of water throughout the day so no one gets dehydrated from the constant heavy lifting. Although it’s certainly not required, it would be a nice gesture to offer some snacks or an easy lunch like pizza as well. A few hot beverage options like tea or coffee if it’s chilly outside would also be immensely appreciated.

Tipping your movers is also not necessary but has become somewhat customary. If you’re going to tip, be sure you’re compensating every worker on the team equally and adequately for the work they’ve done for you.

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