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Moving Mistakes: 5 Ways You’re Packing Completely Wrong

March 19, 2019

You sold the house, found your new space, and are getting ready for your move!

But before you can actually make the move, you need to pack… And many tend to have some preconceived notions about packing.

It’s all common sense after all, isn’t it?

Well, not quite.

For veteran movers and newbies alike, there are some packing mistakes that plague a majority of people out there.

However, we figured we’d shine some light on these common packing problems so that you don’t fall prey!

Here are five ways you’re packing completely wrong, and how to fix it to ensure a smooth, stress-free (and broken item-free) move!

Packing the cleaning supplies

When you’re in the process of moving, you want to tidy up as you go along—which means that most times, the cleaning supplies are an afterthought, tossed into a box when the moving van pulls up out front.

However, what many people don’t realize is that transporting hazardous chemicals like bleach and ammonia is actually very dangerous, and in some instances, illegal.

Instead of putting your cleaning supplies in a box and calling it a day, read up on the rules and regulations for your area regarding moving toxic chemicals. Some places will mandate that you dispose of the chemicals before the move—and we’re not talking about dumping them down the drain, they’ll need to be properly disposed of.

Before you assume that it’s fine to bring that tile cleaner with you on a move, do a little bit of research, and pack carefully: if you can transport those items, you don’t want them to spill en route and damage your other belongings.

Packing books

People tend to have a lot of books and packing books doesn’t usually seem like it’ll be an issue; they’re mostly the same size, after all!

What people tend to forget, is that books are very heavy, and if you just stack dozens of them in the same box, you’ll end up with an extremely heavy and cumbersome box, leading to a crappy experience for you and your movers.

These items need to be packed into small boxes, so as to not become overly heavy.

Packing important documents

Did you pack up all of your old credit card statements? Most people know that they need to pack up their documents, but many don’t quite do it right.

You don’t need anything from more than two years ago when it comes to credit card statements, bank statements, and anything else that you’d be able to get online. But it is important that you bring with your previous tax returns and anything that you may need to reference once you’ve moved into the new house, like mortgage paperwork.

Don’t forget to safely pack:

  • The deed to the new house
  • Employment documents
  • Car titles
  • Passports
  • Birth certificates

However, some people tend to just toss all those documents in a box and call it a day.

If you’re traveling long distance, and even if you’re not, it’s a good idea to keep these important documents with you at all times. Meaning, build a binder or a box of documents, and move that box yourself—handing it over to the movers means there’s a slight risk of it being lost in-transit, which would be a serious headache.

Not using… boxes?

It can be tempting to toss everything you own into trash bags—after all, you did just buy a new box of 10-gallon bags just last week!

But trash bags aren’t exactly feasible when it comes to moving, and they can actually be quite cumbersome for your movers to handle.

So, invest in boxes, and stick to them.

Boxes are a lot tougher than plastic bags, so they’ll protect your items and keep them secure during the move. Plus, they’re easier to stack than a bunch of slippery trash bags, so you won’t be a nightmare for your moving crew.

Packing before purging

Most people skip the pre-packing purge and simply toss all of their items into boxes in order to prep for a move.

Little do they realize that they are making more work for themselves and their movers, and unfortunately leads to cumbersome and costly moves.

So, start anew! Moving is a time for a fresh start and a good declutter—don’t make the mistake of holding onto everything and try to purge your belongings before moving day!

Whether you throw away one or 10 boxes worth of items, you’ll make packing and moving easier and cheaper if you simply downsize beforehand.

Once you’ve gotten your packing plan sorted out, Highland Moving & Storage Vancouver is here to help make moving day a breeze. Click here for more information on our moving services or call us today at 604-626- 0954 for a quote!