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Packing Your Kitchen for a Move

June 27, 2018

Packing up your home to prepare for a move is a lot to take on, and if you’ve only moved a couple of times in your life, then you may not have a method in place for packing the madness.

When it comes to frequently used rooms in your home, like the kitchen, it’s important to make sure you stick to a packing plan!

All the items in your kitchen are things you use every day, so it’s essential for them to make the move safely without breaking, and that starts with proper packing and labeling.

Here are a few tips to help you box up your kitchen and ensure easy unpacking at the new house!

When Packing Your Kitchen – Start at the Source – the Food Source that is!

Whether you’re making a long-term or a short-term move, it’s always a good idea to eat up as much food as you can in the kitchen.

  • Avoid stocking up on new items until after the move and do your best to use that last bag of rice that’s been in your pantry for six months—you know the one we’re talking about!

Moving food isn’t impossible, and pantry items can be much easier to move than fridge and freezer items, but it doesn’t make much sense to waste box real estate on perishable items when you can simply use them now and replace later.

  • Using as much as you can before the move will prevent wasted food (and money) and make packing the kitchen a breeze.

Get the Rooms Sorted Out

Once you implement your food plan, and are ready to start packing, it’s time to sort your items into everyday essentials and nonessential items and appliances.

Nonessential items are exactly what they sound like—you use them intermittently.

These items can get packed. Think about appliances like your toaster, pots and pans that you don’t use regularly, and dishes that you only pull out occasionally, like serving platters.

If you want to get a jump on packing up cutlery and your everyday dishes, just make sure you leave enough for you and your family to use until the move: those can get packed into a separate box closer to the big day.

Pick up the Essential Packing Supplies for Kitchen Packing

Packing a kitchen typically entails packing up several delicate items. The best way to ensure that your glassware and other breakable things don’t get damaged in the move is as follows:

  • Wrap everything with paper or bubble wrap individually
  • Line the bottom of the boxes with extra paper or bubble wrap
  • Double-tape all the seams on your boxes, top and bottom!

Remember to label each box with a list of the items it contains to ensure an easy unpacking process. This will avoid any confusion when you’re looking for your favorite coffee mug on that first early morning in your new home.

Tackling Moving & Packing Kitchen Appliances

If you’re bringing any large appliances with you, consult your moving company about the best way to prepare them for the move.

You can check online manuals for tips to pack up things like ovens and refrigerators, just be sure to clean and dry the appliance before packing it in the truck.

  • Remember that improper removal could lead to a gas leak, so it’s important to make sure you follow the instructions when you’re packing large appliances!

Packing & Moving Smaller Kitchen Items

Silverware can be a pain to pack. Skip the hours of sorting the poorly packed silverware by leaving it in your silverware sorter from your drawer, or wrap forks, knives, and spoons together with string, and pop them in a shoe box.

Odds and ends like spatulas and wine bottle stoppers can be tossed in a large plastic bag and placed on top of a box.

Packing & Moving Pots & Pans

The best way to pack your pots and pans is to nestle them inside one another with a dish towel or paper providing a buffer in between to prevent scratches.

If you have a lot of items, you might want to use masking tape to secure lids to their pots.

Moving & Proper Plate Packing

You typically stack your dinner plates, but when you’re packing them, pack them horizontally. This will help to prevent breakage while in route.

Moving can be a bit stressful, but if you follow these tips, at least packing the kitchen will be a breeze!

  • Remember to keep the unpacking process in mind when loading up those kitchen boxes in the moving truck and make sure that your must-have items, like your coffee pot are in easy-to-find places, inside clearly labeled boxes.

If you have any questions about how best to pack a certain item in your kitchen, or you need some help disconnecting a large appliance, just ask your moving company, or better yet, find a moving company that also has a team of professional packers!

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