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Planning a Long-Distance Move with Kids

July 02, 2019

As difficult as moving is for you, it’s even more challenging for kids. Imagine being uprooted from your home, your school, your friends, and your favorite places with no choice in the matter. We bet you’d be pretty stressed—especially if your new house is hours away from everything you know!

Long-distance moving requires some special planning, whether you’re going it alone or picking up and moving your entire family. When you have children, there are some extra steps you need to take in addition to your logistical preparation, to ensure they have the right tools they need for a positive transition.

Use our tips for moving your family long-distance so you can set yourself and your kids up for success in your new home!

Planning the Move

Be prepared when you break the news.

Try to understand how your children might be feeling when they find out they have to leave their home. Reassure them and give them space if they need it, and comfort if they reach out.

Research the area.

Make sure the neighborhood you move to is a good place for a family to live. Are there good school districts? Is it a kid-friendly community? Check it out in person, by yourself, before making any decisions.

Visit with your kids.

Bringing your kids on a second trip to explore your new home is a great way to help them feel more prepared for a long-distance move. Get them familiar with the new house and environment so they can get excited and begin to feel at ease about this big life change before it even happens!

During the Move

Give them their own essentials box.

Provide your kids with their own box or bag to keep their favorite things in while you’re packing up the house and when you’re making the long drive itself. This will make them easily accessible and give your kids an added sense of comfort during a chaotic time.

Ask for help.

Kids are a handful on their own, and moving day is a whole other beast to tackle. Have a good friend or relative come by to watch over your children and keep them occupied while you focus on getting everything into the moving truck. Enlist the help of a professional moving service with experience in long-distance moving to make the process smoother and less stressful.

Make the trip fun!

Approaching the long haul to your new place as an exciting road trip will be a good distraction for your kids and build some positive association with the move. Look up a few interesting places to stop at along the way—like an old-fashioned diner or cool tourist attraction. Take pictures to embrace this quality time together as a family. And don’t forget to throw in some snacks and entertainment for them to enjoy on the ride!

After the Move

Don’t rush to unpack.

Unpacking can be just as stressful as the packing process, so it’s best not to add it to the burdens of moving day. Take out the essentials at first and then go through the rest of it slowly. Spend some time with your kids and get to know your new home and community.

Get back to something familiar.

Routine is comforting in the face of big changes. Make yours and your kids’ transition easier by trying your best to get back into your old patterns. Reestablish familiar rules and actions—like reading a story before bed or getting pizza every Wednesday. This will help your new place start to feel like home.

Be patient.

It’s going to take some time for you and the rest of your family to adjust to your new normal. The process is usually more difficult for kids, so give them the time and space they need to get their bearings. Check in on them regularly during your first few months or the first year you spend in a new home, so you know they’re doing okay, and so they know you’re there to help.

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